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It’s the event that we had looked forward to when we began our BFA degree, the infamous fashion show. It seemed so far away back then, and now, it seems to be knocking at our doorstep. A month and a half ago I started my last semester with piles of swatches, drawings, and inspiration clouding my brain. We were to design 3 complete ensembles consisting of bras, panties, corsets, bodysuits, robes, etc. Nothing was off limits to our imaginations (except thongs and underthings too “cheeky” for the runway, for reasons as you could imagine). Our professor worked closely with us to choose the first perfect “couture worthy” ensemble.

We dove into our work, from creating the initial prototype, to patterns, and second prototypes. It was a rocky start. The snow days, though usually a blessing, seemed to be more of a setback, and soon Saturday sessions seemed to be commonplace. Our critic, Sarah Wolf of Betsey Johnson Intimates, visited our class to see the progress we have been making. She offers advice, opinion, and inspiration ideas to make our garments that much better.

Its already mid-semester, and I am upon completion of my first ensemble. The bra, corset, and panty need some minor elastics to be zig-zagged and the bra straps need to be DTM (dyed to match, us intimate apparel designers are CONSTANTLY dying fabrics). I am also completing the look with a silk chiffon robe. The robe is still in pieces and is awkward to sew because I am so used to handling smaller garments. There was a snafu today in class with the construction of it, but I’m taking it in strides. For the corset and waistline of robe I am doing hand beading on French lace. It takes a long, long time to accomplish, but it is going to be well worth it. I just remind myself of the sparkling crystals catching the light from the runway when I’m beading into the wee hours of the morning.

Second ensemble sketches were approved today, and will be made out of 95% cotton as part of a competition sponsored by Cotton Inc., who also happen to be the main sponsors of the show.

garments with robe prototype

garments with robe prototype

hand beading on corset

hand beading on corset

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  1. ….You know I’ve been a sucker for your beadwork since eveningwear!

    Question 1: Why doesn’t FIT have a dying lab?
    Question 2: What color is your bathtub at present? ;-)

  2. I know exactly what you mean with beading almost all night, it’s quite addictive isn’t it :D. Beautiful work Christina, that’s something i never tried before but i just might.

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