Patience is a Virtue

So after a weekend of hardly any sleep, a tedious Saturday session at school, and a few snafus, ensembles 1 & 2 are done! Finally, a sigh of relief. I honestly do not know how I finished second ensemble (the cotton one) for Monday, seen as how I started sewing it the Tuesday before.

My cotton garments came out a lot better than expected, A LOT better. The pintucking I decided to do came out with precision (so I got to keep my $98 from Stanley Pleating) and looked amazing. I had some fellow class mates come up to me after it was on the form and say “Christina, I can’t believe that you did all that yourself, I was standing there looking to see if any were uneven, I couldn’t find any!” (hooray!). It did look good on the form, and I am proud of it. After class was over, the critic came up to me with the professor and commented on how much she was drawn to my cotton ensemble, and how disappointed she was that she could not be part of the cotton judging committee. I think I could be in the running for the cotton award on Wednesday, but I do have some stiff competition. Everyone has done a beautiful job, I am proud of my classmates.

bodice with pintucks

bodice with pintucks

Bodice side view with antique lace

Bodice side view with antique lace

Bustier with Petticoat and Panty

Bustier with Petticoat and Panty

I was a little disappointed that the critic award winner was not announced in class on Monday, as I thought it would be. We got to class and put our 2 ensembles on the forms and were told to take a 1.5 hour break so the professor and critic could deliberate on who gets to show their second ensembles Wednesday, any aesthetic or construction changes, and the decision of the CA winner. We did not get a personal critique from the critic, just a general overview of what she thought at the end of class when we returned from the 1.5 hour break. She was very impressed with the work that we did and understood that each and every one of us put our hearts and hard work into every piece we created. Success.

Tomorrow is the ALMOST the final judging day. We will do everything that we did on Monday all over again for the fashion show judges to come in and select our garments for the show. Also, the Cotton Inc. committee will come to see our cotton garments and choose their prize winner. We will not know who was chosen for the show, nor the award winners until Friday when “the list” is posted outside of the fashion design office. Feels a little like volley ball try-outs in high school, right? Its only Tuesday and Friday feels like months away, I am very impatient to see how everything will turn out, hopefully you will be seeing one of my ensembles strutting down the runway. Keep your fingers crossed!

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  1. Wow that is beautiful! I especially like the cameo detail. Good luck!

  2. wow. actually i think i like your Cotton Inc garment the most! i love this look, kind of Virgin Suicides!

    and i completely know what you mean about it being like “tryouts.” except for me, it was more like waiting for the cast list for the school play!

  3. Everyone keeps saying that they love the cotton one. I think that when you stare at something for so long you sometimes lose the ability to see the beauty in what you do. Thank you for your compliments, good luck tomorrow!

  4. Thanks for the well wishes, Frankie. The cameo is a nod to the victorian lace that I used.

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