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Growing up between a cornfield and a horse pasture in Indiana was enough to make this girl want to move to New York City. A self-taught sewer from the age of 10, Amy always dreamed of a career in fashion design. She has come a long way since making clothes for her Barbie dolls out of tissue and intends to pursue a career in intimate apparel when she graduates in May. Amy spent her freshman year abroad, studying in Florence. That’s where she says she was exposed to the idea of “culture” for the first time.

Since moving to New York in 2008, Amy has interned with many intimate apparel companies including Victoria’s Secret, Vandale Industries, Komar Sleepwear Company and Julia B. Her experiences have only confirmed her suspicions that she truly belongs in the field of bras and panties. A love of hand detailing and over-the-top drama in her designs has brought Amy much success over the past couple years. She was a Critic Award Winner for the Fashion Institute of Technology AAS Versace Exhibit, won 1st place in the Lululemon Urban Yogini Design Competition, and most recently placed first in the student design competition at the Underfashion Club 2011 Femmy Gala.

Amy hopes to continue to make one-of-a-kind custom garments in the future, but realizes that she also needs to earn a living. Wherever graduation may take her, Amy seizes every opportunity placed in front of her and hopes to continue to thrive in the design world.

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Emily grew up in San Antonio, Texas and is an 8th semester childrenswear design student.  She is president of the Childrenswear Club, a member of the Chabat Club and member of New York Cares.

“I love childrenswear because I love to experiment with colors and fabrics. My motto is ‘everything looks cute on a kid!'”

Emily is currently interning for the Children’s Apparel Network, where she works with the girls design division and the girls merchandisers.  In addition to school, Emily absolutely loves food, being outside, watching documentaries, and enjoying as much free time as possible with friends. 

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Olga is a Fashion Design student specializing in knitwear.  French by nationality, Olga was born and raised in South America.

She always enjoyed sewing and painting as a child.  One beautiful day, her parents were invited to dinner at a friend’s house.  Olga was eight years old and was getting a bit bored until the host, a dressmaker and patternmaker said, “Come to visit my fashion studio.” As she walked in the studio, Olga entered a world of fantasy, luxury, beauty, colors, beads, and drapes.  She spent the evening sketching and working with the fabric.

Olga says that was a crucial, life changing event.  She ended taking home some scraps of satin, needles, and Collezioni magazines, which became her bible. From that day on, Olga never stopped making clothes.

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