And so, Spring break was soon over. I did not have a real break, I went to a couple of internviews, and the other days at my internship. It’s quite sad, but in fashion, vacations are not a priority. There is always something to do, and everything is so time consuming that you end up not having time off…. and when you do, you start to think about your next project, and that can keep you awake!

This week was fitting week. On Monday, some of us waited the entire day for models to show up! One of my models never showed up (she went back to Brazil, they said. I don’t blame her), so I was rescheduled for Wednesday. OMG, these girls are so beautiful and amazing that they can make ANYTHING look incredible. I am keeping myself from posting pictures of the fittings, you will enjoy the runway pics very soon!

Here is a video, of Layne. I think Layne is terrific and she made the most incredible hand embroidery work ever. STUNNING. I love her style, it’s so vivid! Enjoy Dream Weavers, her final collection.


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  1. Hi Olga.
    My name is Ranva. I am a girl from Denmark, and at the moment I am studying at the Fashion Design Academy in the capital of Denmark. I’m really interested i knitwear and I would love to study knitwear when I finish at the Fashion Design Academy.
    I would be gratefull if you had a few moments of writing me a mail about your studies.
    Thanks a lot.
    – Ranva (

  2. Thanks for posting the video. It’s awesome!

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