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Lania is from Sao Paolo, Brazil, but has lived in Brooklyn for seven years.  She has what she calls a “scattered” background: she studied business and fine arts as a way of getting experience in fashion.  She decided she wanted to study fashion as soon as she arrived in New York City.

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When it comes to passion and ambition to be a successful fashion designer, Laryssa Hicks has it. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Laryssa loves art and fashion.  She attended the High School of Fashion Industries to sharpen her skills and get a head start on fashion.  As a senior, she received the Stellar Steiner Scholarship and was accepted into FIT soon after.  Laryssa has worked with several stylists and organized a fashion show in 2009 with two other designers. Now she’s anxious to graduate from FIT and launch her career. Laryssa specializes in evening wear and Is interning at Saratina by Sarah Jassir.  “I love to wake up blessed and doing what I love to do every day and this is how I will feel for the rest of my life.”

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Lorna is a lingerie designer and up and coming blogger. She finds her inspiration in strong women and is always looking to stimulate her creative mind with something new. Her aesthetic toes the line between ethereal and risque. She is about to complete her final semester at FIT and earn her BFA in fashion design – and she can’t wait to go out and make her mark on the world!Lo

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Born and raised in the charming city of Madison, Wisconsin, Yvonne’s passion has always been drawing and designing ever since she was old enough to hold a pencil. As a child she watched her grandmother pattern and sew dresses for her and her sister and was mesmerized that a piece of flat fabric could magically become such a beautiful dress. While her parents originally discouraged her intention to pursue a career in fashion, she proved her dedication was more than just a passing interest. With her parent’s blessings, she moved to New York after high school to study at FIT.

Yvonne admits that, even though moving to New York has been one of the biggest uphill climbs of her life, she could not imagine doing anything else with her life. Design will always be her first and only real calling. Although Yvonne is not entirely sure what her future has in store for her, with a strong desire to excel and succeed in life, she is keeping faith that with time hard work will pay off.

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Brianna is originally from Northport, NY.  She moved to New York City in 2008 to attend FIT as a fashion design major specializing in knitwear.

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