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Aimee is a fashion design student specializing in knitwear.  She grew up in Pittsburgh and headed to NYC right after high school.  She has a life aside from fashion: listening to K-pop, hand knitting, sketching, or lazing around dreaming about traveling the world.  Aimee hates working out and eating healthy because she loves all kinds of food!  But she loves riding her bike and walking all over the city during summer and counts that as exercise. Aimee considers shopping both a hobby and a sport. There is a lot that goes in to finding the funnest clothing at the cheapest price and it takes time, patience, and practice.  If she had the time and money to travel and vintage shop all over the world she would do it in an instant!

Aimee is hoping her blog readers will learn a lot about the world of knitting through her posts.  “It’s really such an amazing art form and there are so many cool things you can do with just some yarn and needles!”

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Anil was born in Istanbul, Turkey. After completing her primary education, she attended the School of Political Sciences at Istanbul University. After two years of studying Public Management, she decided that wasn’t even close to what she wanted to do for a living.  She quit and applied to the Istanbul Technical University/FIT dual diploma program.

Anil has experience in fashion & music reporting/writing, working as an interpreter at a newspaper, doing design internships for several brands, and working as a part-time English instructor. She is interested in fashion, design, visual communication, American & European music, making music, shooting video, blogging, literature, and travel.

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Aria, from The Bronx, NY, is a fashion design student who specializes in children’s wear. Her favorite garments to design are girls dresses for all occasions and girls and boys alternative street wear.  Aria has been interested in fashion design since the age of 9 and her tastes have changed and developed a lot. She attended the High School of Fashion Industries in NYC, just three blocks away from FIT, and says it gave her a nice head start. Aria loves sewing and illustration, as well as CAD design which is quickly becoming her main interest. She plans to steer her career in the direction of technical and computer aided aspects that help bring garments to life.

She also plans, with a collaborative effort from a dear friend and fellow Children’s Wear designer, to start a freelance girls dress shop on etsy, with one-of-a-kind dresses for young girls, toddler to seven years old.

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Mark was born and raised in Atlantic City, NJ, spending most of his days doing what teens do–shopping at the local mall on Saturdays. After several internships ranging from design and production to film and television, he has finally grasped what makes him tick: concept, research, and trends.

Mark is a fashion design student specializing in special occasion. Having worked for brands such as Anna Sui, Tracy Reese, Kenneth Cole, and Macy’s, he understands what the modern woman wants to see in her closet.  He says, “While talent may get you in the Fashion Institute of Technology, tenacity will keep you there.”

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Originally from Bucks County, Pennsylvania (a short distance outside of Philadelphia), Tori moved to New York in 2009 after being accepted into FIT’s Fashion Design program. She is currently a senior specializing in Intimate Apparel and has been a design intern at Victoria’s Secret for almost two years. Tori enjoys computer-aided design and loves working in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Lectra Kaledo. She is anxious to graduate in May and start her career as a designer.

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