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John Barrett

For more than a decade, John Barrett has styled some of the worlds most fashionable
women. He believes hair should be a glamorous extension of who the client is inside.
While he eschews creating anything that could be called a signature cut, Barrett nonetheless
strives to give all his clients the same thing: a clean, warm, modern look that melds
the glamour and grace of uptown with all the youth and vitality of downtown. The John
Barrett Salon is located on the penthouse floor of New York’s Bergdorf Goodman.



Lyne Desnoyers

Lyne Desnoyers, executive director of makeup artistry at MAC Cosmetics, has been with
the company for the past 16 pivotal years. During this time the dynamic Canadian-based
company moved to New York as part of the Este Lauder group. A former professional
dancer who has a master’s degree in French literature, Desnoyers searches for the
narrative in whatever she’s working on: the emotions, the passion, the ultimate meaning
behind the image. At MAC, she is adept at integrating their two key themes: brand
creativity and personal individualism. But ultimately, Desnoyer’s ideas about makeup
are clear and simple. I like making people look beautiful and making the whole process
as enjoyable as possible, she says.

Makeup artists and cosmetics are being provided by M.A.C.

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