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blogger_anthonyAnthony, Special Occasion

There was never a distinct turning point or specific instance in Anthony’s life when he knew he was destined to become a fashion designer; it may seem cliché, but there was simply nothing else he ever aspired to. Most of Anthony’s Long Island childhood was spent at a desk, pencil and paper in hand, sketching for hours at a time.

Anthony says he designs because without experiencing the process and sharing his distinct point of view he would feel empty inside: “Every fiber of my being is absolutely invigorated by conceptualizing each facet of design and taking my vision from a two-dimensional sketch to a three-dimensional wearable piece of art. The overall execution and problem solving involved in design fuels the fire that feeds my soul. I design for strong, confident, sexy women in a way that is uniquely mine.”

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blogger_cristinaCristina, Intimate Apparel

Originally from Brooklyn, Cristina grew up watching two generations of women sewing and creating garments from scratch. Little did she know her grandmother and mother would influence her career path so immensely. FIT was her dream school, so Cristina began creating a portfolio to apply shortly after beginning her senior year of high school. She was accepted into the fashion design program, then narrowed her career path to the intimate apparel specialization, where she has been able to thrive and succeed.

Cristina has proven her dedication to design through internships at several companies–most recently Wacoal-America, receiving scholarships from the SAIG committee, and winning the 2014 Femmy student design contest.

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blogger_lianaLiana, Children’s Wear

Liana was born in Manhattan and raised in Brooklyn. Fashion design is a second career for her; for more than four years she worked as a Certified Public Accountant. While she enjoyed accounting, Liana says she was not passionate about it. Fashion, designing, and constructing is her passion and she says studying at FIT is just the beginning of living her dream. She was drawn to children’s wear because it can be whimsical and fun.

Liana’s favorite activities include draping, patternmaking, and drawing. Besides fashion, she also loves riding her bike, martial arts, hula hooping, and making costumes.  She says, “I really believe in being a well-rounded person and in being aware of what is happening in the world and bettering myself, therefore, my passions also include vegetarianism, humanism and the environment.”

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blogger_morganMorgan, Knitwear

Growing up in Buffalo, Morgan’s favorite things were sewing and playing dress up. At age three she had no idea that she was destined to be a designer, but it became evident by junior high. That was when Morgan began sewing a lot of her own clothes and sketching during math and science class! However, once she learned to knit, Morgan really found her niche. She rarely goes anywhere without a knitting project in her bag and her apartment is overflowing with yarn.

“It amazes me how many endless possibilities there are in knitwear and I look forward to making it my career,” Morgan says. She studies more than fashion design, though. Morgan has a double minor in English and Art History.

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