Children’s Wear

Taylor Amoroso
Rowley, MassachusettsWhen I was young I always knew I wanted to do something creative and artistic when I grew up. My mother was a graphic designer and watching her inspired me. I design to express myself. Everything I design is a reflection of my inspirations, my mood and my personality. Throughout my four years at FIT, I found my place in children’s wear. It’s where I have the most fun designing. As a designer, I try to create sophisticated “mini-me” looks that are still fun and playful enough for kids. I love the challenge and excitement I get from designing and striving to find a place in the industry.
Camisha M. Ballard
Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaExpression is not limited to the perimeters of a canvas board, dress form, or behind the lens of a camera. I learned that from my environment on the outskirts of Philadelphia at a young age. I learned we don’t need to settle for what life hands us. Now, my medium of choice is unlimited and spans beyond what I can create. In addition to dresses, I create secure financial futures for families, homes for the homeless, and most importantly a difference for her generation and generations to come.
Giulia Cauti
Italy/BrazilI grew up between Italy (where I had a fine arts studio behind my house) and the contradictions of an emerging country like Brazil. Curiosity has been a companion on my journey toward knowledge. I was always fascinated by the way that fashion can translate many different ideas into a piece of clothing. I believe that fashion is ultimately an art form and the artist has to give all of herself to it. You can’t lie to art, and you can’t hide from it. I always incorporate elements of my life into my designs, including my love for theater and performing arts, my interest in philosophy of the post-modern society, my breakfast, and so on. I design because I like to experiment.
Natali Collado
Freeport, New YorkAs a young girl I loved fashion and how it could instantly change someone’s mood and brighten their day. Fashion has always been a way for me to be creative and express myself. When I realized that I would be able to make other people happy by doing something that I enjoyed, I knew I wanted to study fashion design. I believe that what makes me unique as a designer is that I consider what people like to wear every day while adding sophisticated and fun touches. Since specializing in children’s wear I feel that I have truly found a place where I am able express my full potential as a designer, whether I’m designing cute, fancy dresses or everyday fun playwear.
Tara Cox
Brooklyn, New YorkI was first introduced to fashion design in junior high school when I took a costume and technology class. I learned a lot of embroidery techniques that I still use to this day. I initially started designing and learned how to sew at the High School of Fashion Industries. As I entered college, I decided to specialize in children’s wear. I wanted to design for a different age group, plus I was able to design for boys too. I have fun when I am designing for kid and junior sizes! My design aesthetics is playful, sophisticated meets street wear. I can dabble in both special occasion and urban wear and bring them into one collection.
Stephanie Dacanay
North Bergen, New JerseyThe women in my family inspired my dreams to pursue a career in design. I inherited my discerning eye for good design and refined taste in clothing from my mom and older sister. As a child, my mom made me elegant and well-tailored dresses. As a teenager I played dress-up in my sister’s vintage clothes. Naturally, I have an emotional connection to children’s wear because of the wonderful memories with my mom and sister. My goal as a designer is to recreate similar moments in someone else’s life. Ultimately, I would like to design clothes for an entire family with the hopes of starting my own family in the future.
Emily DelValle
Woodstock, GeorgiaMy family is a big part of my success at FIT. My mother nurtured my overly active imagination by enrolling me in multimedia art classes. She adored updating my childhood wardrobe and involved me in the process. My family continues to encourage my creativity and has completely supported my move to New York City, as I pursue a career in the fashion world. From middle school on, I took design classes and planned for my career in this industry. My goddaughter has been a huge influence on why I aspire to design children’s wear, and she continues to be my muse. The European market, “mini-adult” trends, and childhood memories all influence my eclectic design aesthetic.
Liana Fan
Brooklyn, New YorkBeing a fashion designer always seemed like a glamorous, unattainable job for a Brooklyn girl from a poor, immigrant Chinese family. In my previous career, I worked as a public accountant for four years. I realized I had found something I was passionate about after my boyfriend taught me to sew. I loved construction and design so much that I decided to go back to school for fashion design. I love this new direction in my life and I am enthusiastic about designing clothes that express people’s unique fashion. I live and play in the artistic community in New York and find myself thriving in this creative atmosphere. I am very excited to start my career in the fashion industry.
Miranda Rae Gabor
Syosset, New YorkEver since I was a young girl, I have been passionate about art and fashion. When I was in high school, I became certain that I wanted to pursue a career in the fashion industry. As a result, I spent much of my high school years attending several precollege programs at FIT, in addition to art classes at The Long Island Academy of Fine Art. My grandfather is one of my biggest inspirations. In the 1950’s he had a career designing Lucite handbags. He shared stories and wisdom with me about his career and how to become a diligent and successful designer. Designing children’s wear is a creative outlet for me. I enjoy expressing my dreams and emotions in a wearable work of art. I am attracted to the designer children’s market and my true passion lies within creating elegant girls dresses.
Juhyun Rosemary Jeong
Seoul, KoreaI have dreamed of becoming a fashion designer since I was a little girl. I had so much fun dressing up my Barbie dolls. I decided to go to FIT when I was in high school, I wanted to design and sketch all the time. When I got into the BFA program, it was not so easy for me to select my specialization because I wanted to go for knitting or sportswear. But when I started teaching little kids, I fell in love with them. Ever since then, I have wanted to design cute, colorful, fun, creative outfits for kids!
Jenny Jihyun Lee
Houston, TexasAs a child I had many different dreams and visions for my future. My youthful logic dictated that I become anything from a teacher to a public defender or even a doctor. You would think I was zealous for the money, but I just wanted to help people. In the process of finding my talents, strengths and weaknesses, I discovered tremendous joy in creating. Through fashion design, I can bring intangible thoughts to life. I want to be steadfast in giving back to the world and to those who have helped me get here. Similar to Toms One for One shoes and eyewear, I desire to utilize my education by providing for children in need.
Briana Logue
Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaI have wanted to be a fashion designer my entire life. It all started when I was little. I would try to mimic the fashion I saw on TV or in magazines with my wardrobe. Fashion was the only career I had ever wanted. When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I was always the only girl who didn’t say teacher or veterinarian. As I got older, I started taking sewing lessons after school. On Saturdays I would take fashion and art classes. I did everything I could to work toward going to school for fashion. It has been a long, exciting journey to accomplish my dream, and I am ecstatic to move forward and flourish in the industry.
Shanice Penceal
New York, New YorkMy journey to fashion really took off when I enrolled in college at FIT. Specializing in children’s wear for my bachelor’s degree was an impulse decision, which speaks a little bit about my personality and approach to design. I always thought I’d be in sportswear. But after focusing on women’s wear for two years, I craved something fun and new. My designs are my own form of art. I design what I feel at the moment, without much thought to a specific aesthetic. Thus, I have an emotional connection with everything I design. I leave my identity as a designer up for interpretation because I prefer not to limit myself. Besides it’s always fun to hear other people’s ideas about my designs and hear their interpretation of who I am.
Alyssa Reggio
New Hyde Park, New YorkI have always been surrounded by fashion design. My grandmother, an FIT high school program alum, had a sewing room and was always working on something. I was fascinated by her work—every little thing from the spools of thread to the pushpins. One year she bought me a kiddy sewing machine, and I never looked back. Spending time with her looking at old photos of my family, analyzing the clothes and styles has been extremely influential to my design aesthetic. I think that is what makes me so unique as a person and as a designer. I always find inspiration from the past. That is why my designs always represent a retro yet modern vibe.
Ybel Torres
Santiago, Dominican RepublicI have been interested in fashion ever since I was a little girl. I can recall dressing my cousins in my mother’s clothing and having them pose for photo shoots. However, back then it was just for the fun of it; I had not considered it as a true career path until I graduated high school. I think what ultimately called me to fashion was how much apparel can impact a person’s mood and self-esteem. My designs are very feminine yet clean and simple because it is my goal in everything I create to design pieces that allow girls and women to feel beautiful without disguising their true identity. It is my mission to make garments that highlight beauty and make the wearer feel more comfortable and confident.

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