Intimate Apparel

Lauren Amatulli
Merrick, NY

Fashion is inspiring through color, style, and personal expression. That is what made me want to become a fashion design major. I would like to think that my creations help people express themselves. When people have a style or wear something they love, it makes them feel confident. That is why I love fashion design. I design beautiful clothes, dresses, and lingerie that make people feel good about themselves. I design for myself, but I also design for the people out in the world who want to feel sexy in my creations. My design aesthetic is classic, but with a sexy, modern twist, especially when it comes to intimates.

Katherine Bignon
Weehawken, NJ

For me, design is a way to make a difference in the world. My dreams of becoming a designer began on a trip to Russia 12 years ago. We visited an orphanage where I met my brother for the first time. Afterward, I was struck by the faces of the young girls and decided that one day I would do something to help them. That dream is slowly being realized as I work to start a nonprofit organization and a fashion line that gives proceeds to Russian orphans. One day, I hope to start a halfway home for girls aging out of the orphanages. I design because I see beauty in the world around me. I design with the intent to change lives. I am a wife, a mom, and a student, and I hope to one day make a true difference.

Demi Chang
New York City

The delicate nature and exquisite femininity of lingerie has always motivated me to become an intimate apparel designer. I draw inspiration from everywhere, including my studies of psychology, literature, and nature. I relate many of my designs to ephemeral dreams, the human psyche, and the balance between the softness of femininity and strength in sensuality. My attraction to luxurious silks, romantic colors, and ethereal laces create an aesthetic that resonates within me as a designer. I look to create works of art, garments that speak for themselves and lingerie that enhances and encourages the exquisite beauty of the wearer. I hope to create designs beyond transient allure and toward perennial grace.

Sarah Davis
Queens, NY

I was lucky enough to grow up in a nourishing, artistic home. My mother is an FIT alum and my father is an entrepreneur and a physician. Together, my parents continue to encourage my younger brother and I to achieve our highest potential. I have found my own success in fashion design. I am driven to rise to the expectations of those who believed in me, and I design to express my existence. My specialization in intimate apparel has provided the perfect voice for my passionate vision. I hope to connect with my customer and deliver comfort, as well as femininity. My goal is to create garments that make every woman feel like a modern princess.

Christin Duffy
Rockville Centre, NY

It always seemed that I misinterpreted my school assignments when I was growing up. With design, the differences of misinterpretation are celebrated. There are no rules. A different outlook sets you apart and freshness is celebrated. As a designer, I am continually fascinated by the human mind and its ability to heal, destroy, and distort. It determines how we see the world and how we react to it. I find a disordered and creative mind fascinating. My goal in fashion is to celebrate these different viewpoints and turn them into something communicative we can wear and utilize every day as a form of self-expression.

Marie Kathleen Hefferman
Troy, NY

I’ve wanted to design since I was 10 years old. I started sewing on my mother’s machine from her college days, which I still use today, at the age of 12. I have not put the needle down yet. Every important holiday or event, my Grama would give me a new pair of Ginghers. My mother danced around the living room when I was accepted to FIT. Being a good designer is being a creative, intelligent, dedicated, and hardworking individual—a person who can mix creativity and fresh ideas with functionality and feasible, quality construction. And as important as those things are, there is no way I could have survived the design world without the constant support of my friends and family. My parents, siblings, and friends are all incredibly supportive. When my sister was about 8, she sent me a card at FIT telling me to “never give up” and to “follow my dreams.” It was the best advice and encouragement a designer could ever receive.

Melanie A. Herrera

Tampa, FL

I remember being 5 and watching my mother sew pajama sets for me. She did this with such ease and grace that it made me wonder if she was some enchantress that could think of things and make them from thin air. I was completely inspired by her and I would take her extra fabric to make matching pajama sets for my teddy bear. Later in life, I realized that I needed to pursue my dream to become a creator like my mother. Through the fashion design program, I have been able to hone my skills and see my designs come to life in the dress form. I am entirely obsessed with the details of my garments. I mainly focus on comfort and practicality in addition to all the other facets of intimate apparel that excite me as a designer.

Jane Kang
Oradell, NJ

Creativity and construction are important aspects of my life. Studying at a notable, academically challenging fashion design institution and committing to several extracurricular organizations has shown me new possibilities of personal and professional growth. With a vision to reach out and appeal to the needs of millions of women who seek new undergarments, I hope to make an impact in this world. I focus on intimate apparel because I am detail-oriented and I incorporate feminine sensibilities and think about molding to a woman’s body. Every woman, at heart, wants to feel valuable. I believe there is no better way to make a woman feel confident and satisfied with her appearance than to help her feel great from the innermost layer of her clothing.

Brittany Marie Keener
Orefield, PA

Ever since I can remember, I have dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. As a young girl, I was always sketching in my journal for myself and my dolls. My parents taught my sister and I to go for our dreams no matter what. They said that if we could dream it, we could make it happen. We just have to go for it. I have always used this philosophy in my designs and in my life. As a designer, I use my dreams and fantasies. I am a daydreamer and always have been. My family and friends always tell me that I am in my own little world, and it is true. In my world I can design anything I want and dream up anything. You can see this carried throughout my work.

Kiran Naz Khaliq
Northern Virginia

As a young girl, fashion was my creative outlet. I would design clothes and outfits for my Barbie. Fashion became a part of who I was. Growing up, ideas would constantly pop in my mind. I would spend most of my spare time immersed in anything related to fashion, and I kept up with fashion trends, styles, and shows. I taught myself how to sew and starting taking additional classes in high school, where I showed my first collection. I had the passion and skills to take my dream and turn it into realty. As a conservative Pakistani Muslim, this was my challenge and strength. I was able to see things in a unique way—Western apparel with an Eastern twist. Designing intimate feminine garments brought out my skill set and my eye for intricate details and design.

Jaclyn Magliulo
New Jersey

As a designer, I strive to bring beauty into the world. Fashion design can change someone’s entire lifestyle. I want to bring attention to the simple changes that can make a person’s wardrobe and attitude exponentially better. I want the world to be radiant, to make people’s “everyday” a work of art. When I am designing, anything and everything can come from my mind. There are virtually no limitations in design. My imagination can be rendered into a garment with just a few pencil strokes, draping and sewing. Then, essentially out of thin air, a masterpiece can spring forth. There is always more to create, always something that no one has ever seen before. I push my creativity in ways someone working at a 9-to-5 office job will never do, and I truly enjoy it.

Rachel Marus
Detroit, MI

I am a Brooklyn transplant who hails from Detroit. I have been designing apparel since early childhood. I began designing clothes for my dolls as a young child when I found my doll wardrobe to be too limiting. Prior to enrolling in design school, I graduated from the University of Michigan, where I studied the classics and Latin. My passion for antiquity is apparent in my designs, since I frequently reference vintage pieces in my design research. I have developed a modern style that balances strength and femininity. I find inspiration in nature, arts, and the streets of New York City. I envision making a debut in fit-focused intimate apparel and swimwear before expanding my line to include ready-to-wear.

Veronica Nuñez
Weehawken, NJ

It all began when my mother forced me to wear a school uniform to a public school, even though it wasn’t required. The inability to wear what I wanted drew me to fashion. I express art through my hands to bring my vision to life. My love for lightweight fabrics, delicate laces, and beautifully crafted and form-fitting pieces led me to specialize in intimate apparel. My careful attention to detail and my strong eye for color flourished and even enabled me to discover my design aesthetic as a designer: “sweet and feminine with an edgy twist.” My dream is to ultimately launch my own line that will provide my customer with a confidence she can wear anywhere.

Vianna Occhino
Bronx, NY

Fashion design has been a fascination of mine literally since I learned how to use a pencil. Growing up, I would ask for pretty dresses and accessories instead of toys, and had about 15 marble notebooks full of little designs. It was something that I truly loved to do with any of my spare time. So I guess that was the first clue to my future career. Once I was old enough to realize that I could actually work as a fashion designer, I did all that I could to constantly improve. I am truly proud of how much knowledge I’ve gained in the past four years. To this day, I often find myself mind-boggled that I am living my dream and doing what I absolutely love.

Danielle Ortiz
Secaucus, NJ

Designing has always been a part of me. From a very young age I knew that being a fashion designer was the only career path for me. I set goals for myself to help me achieve this dream. One of my greatest achievements was studying abroad in Florence, Italy. European culture evolved my creativity and desire for conceptual design. Florence grew my appreciation for all things vintage, organic, and beautiful. New York City fashioned my modern style. My vintage-modern aesthetic is a fusion of the two cultures that inspired me and shaped me into the intimate apparel designer I am today.

Sophia Suh Yeon Pyo
Montreal, Canada

Unique objects, intricate patterns, exotic colors, and innovative ideas inspire me. My inspirations are the fuel to my endless passion for fashion and design. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been motivated to stay creative and open-minded. The ability to express my feelings verbally and visually brought me to where I stand today. Throughout my years at FIT, I have learned to work with great precision, and I’ve discovered a new passion for embellishing garments with lavish adornments and meticulous details. The harmony between beautiful design and good construction will always remain the most valuable aspect of my design philosophy. I am looking forward to evolving into a creative and inspiring designer.

Cristina Ramos
Colonia, NJ

Fashion design has been my creative outlet from very early on. I vividly remember watching my mother and grandmother sewing. I stood amazed at how something so beautiful could be created from scratch. This inspired me to learn the skills and trade of fashion design as a form of artistic freedom. At FIT, I went from dreaming of becoming a designer to gaining valuable knowledge and skills in order to make a mark as an innovative designer in the industry. I believe my aesthetic is a reflection of myself and influenced by the journey I’ve taken to reach my goals.

Avery Vaughn
Fruit Cove, FL

My love for fashion design started at a very early age. My grandma taught me how to sew when I was 10, and I have been addicted to creating garments ever since. We started by making sock puppets and then finally my prom dress! I thank her every day for helping me discover my passion. I love combining unexpected colors and textures to form something unique. I design because it allows me to express my creativity, and there is something so rewarding about seeing your ideas come to life. I also love how lingerie can transform the way a woman feels about herself to give her the confidence and strength to be the beautiful woman she is.

Taryn Winters
Somers, NY

Throughout my life, I have always had a vivid imagination. My imagination as a designer was sparked by my life as a dancer. I learned to create an image out of movement, to take something ethereal and make it into something tangible. Something visual, physically effective, and—when truly successful—emotionally moving. I believe this is how designers feel about clothing. By taking an idea or an inspiration and producing something tangible, a fashion designer can create one of the most used and widely understood forms of artistic expression. I became a designer to express myself with confidence and enable others to do the same. I use my imagination and take inspiration from an abstraction of reality and relate it to clothing.

Olga Zhabko
Brooklyn, NY

“Be careful what you wish for.” At a very young age, I expressed a strong interest in the arts. Thus my mom signed me up for an art school. I learned to paint with oils before I even knew how to read. Then, I saw a fashion show on TV and that was it. I became obsessed with fashion and the thrill of watching models come down the runway. From that moment on, I would draw my own designs constantly. As time went on, I started reading fashion magazines. Eventually the time came to apply for college. You better believe that no one could talk me out of my dream of one day becoming a fashion designer. Since I lived in New York, FIT was a dream school. Finally after many days of blood, sweat, and tears (literally), I am finishing my eighth semester, soon to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in fashion design from FIT. Thus, “dreams do come true.” However nothing comes without hard work, and dedication—especially something you really want!

FIT, State University of New York

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