Allison Aniskina
Brooklyn, NY

As I was born with a desire to constantly create something with my hands, I knew it was a talent I had to seed. Whether I was or 2 years old using anything as a canvas or at 16 rummaging through my mother’s fabrics, the ideas in my mind had to be projected into a reality. It only felt right to attend FIT to further cultivate my creative habit through design. To further diverse my experience, I spent two years in Florence and Milan. I chose Knitwear because it allowed me to push past the limit of fabrics available in stores and gives me the chance to unleash the textures and colors I absorb every day. I care about the world and I want to share my designs with likeminded communities that keep the environment in mind.

Yu Chen Chiu
Chia yi, Taiwan

Creation is the beginning of our existence, hence, designing is a way we connect with the universe. I think an artist or a designer aims to capture their senses; what we smell, touch, see, hear and taste. Then, we communicate our feeling; the true self that is astonished by beauty and creation; through our work. I find this the essence of design and what motivates me to design; explore more and translate with my unique language and show people the beautiful world I have seen, heard, smelled, touched and tasted. I enjoy taking objects and relics of my past and present and recreate the images based on my perception of them. Design is a religious activity that one reaches into the depth of heart and speak to an unknown being that we are all connected to.

Julia Cooke
Verneuil-sur-Seine, France / Austin, TX

My path to fashion design was a very natural one. I began ripping up materials or old clothes to create new ones that I couldn’t find in stores (largely because at age 13 I was too small to fit in to anything I liked) and, as I explored my other interests in the fine arts I started to realize fashion was the obvious and natural choice for me. Since then, I have become completely consumed with design and have gradually refined my taste, developing my own style. I am drawn to a minimalist aesthetic. With my BFA collection, I am striving to push delicate confinements of minimalism beyond mere tastefulness, towards something unique and personal.

Majeam Grandez
Lima, Peru

I am a city girl. Always have, and always will be. I was born in the largest city of Peru. My parents moved to Miami when I was an infant. After Miami, I found myself in NY at the age of 19 and then in Milan at 23. It has been quite a journey, fulfilling my “wanderlust”, exposing me to new environments and cultures, which have expanded my perspective in design. I entered this field because of my love of sewing. I am now amazed by how a flat, two-dimensional piece of fabric can change into something “imagined” and slowly brought to life. This love was passed on to me from my grandmother and great aunt who would sew everything their families wore, from undergarments to overcoats. My mother and aunt awoke one morning to suddenly find me sewing, busy at work…. they whispered to each other “Doesn’t she remind you of someone? ”

Maxine Hoover
Moorestown, NJ

I spent my childhood and teen years immersing myself in all forms of art, and I can say I am passionate about all of them individually, be it dance, music, writing, drawing or painting. I always found myself compulsively doodling, cutting up paper, fabric or whatever was around, and making things without even realizing it. This was viewed as a terrible distraction as a kid, but today it is my strength. I started making clothes at 9 years old and have always loved the feeling of being able to wear something I made. Fashion design stuck with me because I see it as a form of art that is functional and useful; it can be appreciated and displayed on other people rather than in a museum. I love designing clothes that are simple and functional but with enough personal detail to generate a reaction from others.

Daniel Laudadio
Los Angeles, CA

Fashion design hasn’t always been my childhood calling. I’m not one of those designers who dressed up dolls or started sewing since I came out of the womb. However, I am a person who is fascinated by fashion design, it’s a craft in motion, and direct relationship to our bodies and lifestyle. This is the inspiration for my work. I’m a wanderer at heart and I love to travel. I am really a citizen of the world. I was born near the beach in California, packed up and moved to New York City and currently live in Italy. I have roots scattered all over Europe and North America. My design sense comes from this global influence as well as my love for mixing high performance textiles with more traditional fabrications. Fashion design may not have been my childhood calling, but it’s now what I proudly call: my career.

Diana Lee
South Korea / NJ / NY

My desire to become a designer started when I was very young. I was always interested in art and would visit museums and galleries on my own even though I was very shy. Since my Dad was a jazz pianist and my Mom a Korean cuisine chef, music and food culture greatly influenced my taste and lifestyle. This unique environment allowed me to express my emotions and creativity through different media. I always strive for a deeper meaning in design and art. What I love about design is that it is meant to be functional and personal and while you are searching for solutions you find yourself in the process.

Yeji Lee
Seoul, South Korea

When I was young, I loved decorating and coordinating my clothes. I loved thinking about what to wear and believed fashion gives people confidence and positive energy. Therefore, I decided to become a fashion designer. After high school, I wanted to see and feel other worlds, so I decided to study abroad at FIT, one of the best decisions in my life! In NY I experienced many new things, but was still eager to experience more. I decided to take advantage of studying abroad with FIT in Milan, to experience European culture and further broaden my point of view. I adapt well to new environments, enjoy new adventures and to see how people live and think in other countries. This fascinates and inspires my design. Fashion occupies our lives in many extended areas. I hope to be a competitive designer, with diverse interests in various fields stemming from these experiences.

Yazmin Perez
San Juan, Puerto Rico

I must admit, coming from a tropical island but currently studying abroad in an inland area (with the absence of the ocean), has heightened my appreciation of water. Water / Aguado; has become my main inspiration. With a background in sculpture and art, I am drawn into creating directly with my hands. Experimenting with interesting materials and solving the puzzles of flat pattern fascinate and inspire me. I decided to start, and end, my bachelor’s study in Italy, with NYC in between, in order to acquire a perfect balance between creative design and business knowledge. My aesthetic is directed towards elegant ready-to-wear for the “social species” or “event goers”. After starting my own line of cocktail dresses and menswear shirts in mixed prints 3 years ago, my goal after graduation is to expand beyond Puerto Rico’s local shops into the international market.

Alison Seary
Toronto, Canada

I am fortunate to consider the fashion industry a stimulating place. It has encouraged me to interlace many of my passions; history, textiles, travel and meticulous details, into a practical and appreciated art form. I love to work with color and my hands. My curiosity of handcrafts started after I received a BFA in textiles from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (Canada) and developed into a lasting influence on my aesthetic. I aspire to create pieces that make an impression and help create conversation. I have always been interested in garments, which have a timeless quality, and it is these types of influences that I try to keep in mind when I design.

Vulmar Vasquez
Clark, New Jersey

Through some part of my life I have tried to put fashion design in the back of my mind but after trying other fields of study I have realized that I had to face and accept my inner quest to challenge my creative nature and to take risks. This has led me in to fashion design and I’m happy and thankful that I chose this path for it’s been a rewarding and exciting experience that has opened my mind in being able to explore and experiment with different types of fabrics, colors, silhouettes while using non traditional materials without sacrificing my design aesthetic.

Anne Wagoner

I am a knitwear designer, who enjoys photography and travel. From a young age I had a curiosity for art, culture and travel, which led me to move to New York City to start college at FIT. Life in New York left me thirsty for more, so upon hearing of the study abroad opportunities in Florence and Milan, I decided to take my degree in a new direction. I moved to Florence in 2011, spending the year studying Renaissance art, then continued my studies in Milan for the last two years of my degree. I have focused on concept development and knitwear technology as a specialization. I take inspiration from my experiences, whether it is travel, meeting inspiring people, visiting interesting places, or art. I remind myself every day that there are so many little secrets and wonders life has to offer.

HaeIn Yang
Seoul, South Korea

Ever since I was little I always played with clothes and have loved everything about fashion. However, when I had to decide on a major, I chose Politics. In my first semester, the decision only reminded me of how much I love fashion. So, I quit that college (where I had made a great effort to get in) and applied to FIT, to pursue my dream in fashion. Now, as I finish my last year of knitwear design in Milano, with it’s many European experiences, I plan to become a designer who makes clothes that willingly breath along with our everyday life and give comfort and style to the wearer.

Tara Zeman
Children’s Wear

When I was in the third grade I realized that I would become a designer. The majority of the games that I played as a child had to do with clothes. If the game did not involve clothing I would find a way to describe the outfits that I imagined for each make-believe situation. My imagination never stopped this game, and I am now ready to make imaginative, fun clothing for the next generation of creative children.

FIT, State University of New York

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