Final Judgement !

Hello all! First of all I would like to apologize for being M.I.A for the past 2 weeks. It has been so crazy and hectic these past couple of weeks. Last blog I had mentioned that pre judging would be going on to decide which garments would make it to the great hall for judging day, well that day came and went as quickly as these couple of weeks have. Luckily My first Ensemble was selected to go down to the great hall for judging.

Ok fast forward a week it’s now Monday April 21st, set up day for judging day. We all arrived in the great hall anxious and ready to prepare our garments for final judgment. I must say this was a nerve wrecking experience because once our set up was done everything we had been working on for the past couple of months was completely out of our control at that point. Judging was done Tuesday morning and students were allowed into the great hall again 2pm. We were given certificates of achievement for making it to the great hall and then the waiting began. We all waited….and waited…and waited……and waited some more. Until finally at around 6:30pm the list was posted. I contemplated going up right away or not but finally i got up to check if all my work had finally paid off. To my surprise I was chosen to show in the Future of Fashion show and I’m so proud to be able to show my work amongst some of the most talented group of classmates I know.

Honestly these past couple of weeks have been the most stressful weeks of my career at F.I.T but I wouldn’t trade it for the world! Here are some photos of the amazing presentation the Intimate apparel girls put on in the Great Hall! Everyones garments were exquisite and I’m so proud to be in such a talented and creative class.

photo (5)My Second Look Completed and Set up for Pre-Judging

photo (1)Standing Proudly alongside my Ensemble!

photo (2)Danielle’s Critic Award Winning Garment! The Color Sense is AMAZING!

photo (3)

L:Lauren M:Lauren R:Katherine

photo (4)

L:Demi M:Demi R:Sarah

photo (5)

L:Christin M:Marie R:Marie

photo (6)

L:Melanie M:Brittany R:Brittany

photo (7)

L:Rachel M:Veronica R:Veronica

photo (8)

L:Vianna M:Danielle R:Sohpia

photo (9)

L:Sophia M: Cristina (Me) R:Avery

photo (10)L:Avery LM:Avery RM:Taryn R:Taryn

xoxo Cristina


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