Model Fitting!

Hello fashion lovers! Today’s post will be short sweet and to the point.

Yesterday April 24th, was the Future of Fashion shows model fit session. The list of time slots of each student was posted outside of b701 Wednesday afternoon in preparation for the fittings. My time slot luckily was among the first group of students to begin fitting. Granted I’ve helped with my share of fashion shows, dressing etc so I had mentally prepared myself for the stress and anxiety of model fit day. I have to say in retrospect I think I did pretty well; but I wont lie, it was extremely stressful. Professors, Models, and stylists walking in and out of the room. Having to walk our model to a second room for styling then walk her back for photographs.

Overall I’m SOOOOO grateful that my model Luize fit almost perfectly into my garment! Sadly we weren’t allowed to take photos of the model fittings (especially in our lingerie pieces) but make sure to tune into the show May 1st on the Future of Fashion Website at 7pm! I’m so excited to see everyones work come to life on the runway!!


Until next time! xoxo Cristina

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