Children’s Wear


Seoul, South Korea

I came to FIT to achieve my long-time dream of becoming a fashion designer. After two years of womenswear, I chose to try children’s wear because I have always loved little kids and their adorable clothes. Another reason that I fell in love with children’s wear is because of the cute silhouettes and bright patterns. I would like to design and create unique and modern clothes that are still fun for little kids. My designs are simple pieces that are essential in everyone’s wardrobe, even young kids. I hope to see big smiles when children wear my clothes.




Englewood, New Jersey

I’m a senior in the fashion design program, specializing in children’s wear. My inspiration for pursuing design came mainly from my maternal grandfather. With nothing to his name, he immigrated to America following World War II and pursued his dream of owning a factory in the garment center. The factory was named Regal Originals and specialized in pleating and trimming. Regal Originals eventually became a family business run by my father, and it’s where I spent much of my childhood. I decided at a fairly young age that I wished to keep the family business alive through design. The fact that I experienced and internalized much of the fashion world at a young age sets me apart as a designer. My exposure allowed me to develop skills in both design and construction that would later became the foundation of my study in fashion.




Gwang-Ju, Korea

I started studying art as a hobby, but I began to approach it seriously after receiving encouragement from my art teacher. Subsequently, my teacher introduced me to W magazine, introducing me to many fashion designers. When I read magazines, I not only daydream about becoming a fashion designer, I review each new design in search of my own fashion. I lived in Korea for my first 18 years and I am fluent in spoken and written Korean. I also have a broad understanding of Asian cultures, tastes and fashion trends. I believe this will help me contribute to retailers targeting international audiences, those that use vendors and other business partners overseas, or those catering to a multicultural customer base.




Woodland Park, New Jersey

New York City has given me a world of opportunities. Although there were other schools, I knew that my heart belonged to FIT. Art has always been a huge part of my life. Even at an early age I knew what I wanted to do—draw, design, and create beautiful things. A simple sewing machine handed down from my grandmother, along with inspiration from my mom gave me the push I needed. Designing allows me to express myself. Bringing something to life from daily inspiration gives me an enormous sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. I truly believe that once you find something you love, you should do it forever.




Maywood, New Jersey

At first I chose fashion design because I enjoy being creative and creating a physical product. It was purely a hobby. Then I came to FIT and I learned that my designs could be something bigger than just clothing or a beautiful illustration. And once I started children’s wear, I realized that the fashion industry could still be nice and friendly. It motivated me more than any other program. I enjoy incorporating my love for the quirky and cute with real, wearable clothes. Now I choose to continue designing because I want to see kids everywhere wearing my clothes.




Brooklyn, New York

I was always a creative kid with a knack for arts and crafts, a love for old movies and an admiration for glitz and glamour. From a young age I was obsessed with clothes and finding my own style, which eventually manifested into “Life’s a party, dress like it!” I remember watching the Betsey Johnson runway show televised on Full Frontal Fashion and telling my parents “ I’m going to do what she does, I’m going to be a designer.” I attended the High School of Fashion Industries and my dream college was FIT. I always had a love for kids and designing for them is just sweet perfection. Since pursuing my aspirations, I inspired my little cousin Melanie to follow hers and become a designer when she grows up.




Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I have always loved to draw, but I only really started thinking about fashion design in the fifth grade when I began to sketch outfits on my school notebooks. My love for children’s wear came many years later, with the birth of my own kids. There’s a huge freedom in taking an outfit either on a fun path that only kids can pull off, or on a more serious direction that makes adults want it in their sizes as well. I also love thinking of new ways to make clothes as comfortable and practical as possible, to make products that both parents and kids can appreciate.




Urbandale, Iowa

Ever since I was young, I knew I wanted to do something creative. From a young age, I loved doing arts and crafts with my mom and grandma. I learned to sew at a young age, which sparked an interest in fashion design, and I started sketching dress designs with crayons. I knew coming to FIT that I wanted to pursue a career in children’s wear, since it is a great mix of my love for fashion and working with children. I love to create classic and clean looks with modern twists, making the kids look like mini-adults yet still fun and functional.




Butler, Pennsylvania

Children’s wear design to me is a balance between creativity and logical thinking. I believe that in order to have a successful collection you need a balance. I chose this specialization because of my ability to create practical, innovative designs for kids. I want to create functional, aesthetically pleasing, and unique designs. My time at FIT has strengthened my skills and helped me turn my aspirations into a reality. I am thankful for the opportunities I have been given and for those who have helped me along the way. I couldn’t have done it without you!




Shelton, Connecticut

When I was growing up, I never envisioned myself making a career of doing what I love. Design was never what I intended to do for the rest of my life, but a hobby I enjoyed learning about. After hours drawing and trying to figure out how to create wearable pieces, it became my passion. It wasn’t until my senior year of high school that I realized that this hobby is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life! Through happy accident, I got into children’s wear. I find it much more enjoyable and rewarding to design children’s clothing. It’s so interesting to play an integral part in how they pull their looks together.




Hong Kong

My favorite activity as a child in Hong Kong was shopping for clothes with my sisters and my mother. Every other weekend we walked around the shops of Tsim Sha Tsui neighborhood and brought me joy to see all of the beautiful materials and designs. This led to my interest in sewing and fashion design. After graduating from high school in Hong Kong I was fortunate to pursue my dream of studying fashion design when I was accepted to FIT. I love to create clothing from scratch and turn raw fabrics into beautiful and functional clothing. I am inspired by the idea that one day a little girl in Hong Kong will see a beautiful collection of my designs that will bring her joy.

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