Intimate Apparel


North Potomac, Maryland

My great grandmother, Rose Scharf, was my biggest inspiration and she set the groundwork for me to pursue fashion design. She would design her own clothes, all the way from patternmaking to hand sewing. She also designed and sewed unique doll clothes, which she later presented at a fashion show. She will forever be my role model. The Intimate Apparel program has enabled me to create designs with advanced technical skills. Designing intimate apparel allows me to express myself through my love of exquisite detail, color and delicate fabrics. I was able to showcase my work in the AAS Exhibition and received a SAIG Underfashion Club scholarship. The creativity in intimate apparel is infinite and now I am ready to make my mark on the industry.



Penn Yan, New York

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved to create clothes for dogs using a stapler instead of a sewing machine. In the seventh grade when I viewed an art exhibit featuring a Russian designer, everything clicked. Soon, I was designing for people using sewing machines. My passion for design flourished and continues to motivate me. Leonardo da Vinci stated, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” As a designer, I believe beauty comes from solving a problem in the most elegant yet simple way possible. The intimate apparel program has been an incredible journey. I’ve also received two SAIG Scholarships and been a finalist in the Femmy Design contest. Embarking on my senior collection is both the beginning and ending of another chapter in this journey.



Miami, Florida

Fashion is self-expressive, artistic and influential. I chose this field as a career because I can express myself and encourage others to follow. Fashion design became my passion at age six. I remember playing dress up in my mother’s gowns and four-inch heels while creating clothing for myself and my Barbie dolls. As I became older I decided to take fashion seriously. Studying at FIT in the intimate apparel program has enhanced my design skills. My dream is to empower women to wear beautiful lingerie and embrace themselves and their bodies no matter the condition, because I once struggled with insecurities with my body. I desire to not only make a woman look fabulous, but to change her perception of beauty. I am looking forward to a wonderful career in the intimate apparel industry.



McKinney, Texas

My design journey began by exploring how clothing influences how women feel about their own beauty. Intimate Apparel not only transforms a woman visually, but also gives her the confidence to tackle the world’s challenges. My designs seek to mirror the delicacy and sensuality of a women’s body, while simulating geometric proportionality. I use fashion as a medium of artistic expression, and to transform a woman both internally and externally. My passion has led me from Texas to New York, where I’ve had the honor of attending FIT and participating in the Intimate Apparel Specialization. I received a very generous scholarship from the SAIG committee and won first prize in the Femmy Design Contest 2015. FIT has allowed me to explore and grow as a designer, and prepared me to work in the fashion industry.



Freehold, New Jersey

For me, design has always been about self-expression and creative exploration. When I was young, I did this through constant arts and crafts. As I grew older, the crafts turned to sewing. When I was nine, Hilary Duff was my idol and my favorite movie was A Cinderella Story. In this movie, she wore a beautiful ivory ball gown. I took this dress as my inspiration and hand-sewed my own version of it. Since then, my love for fashion grew, and attending FIT and participating in the intimate apparel specialization has given me every opportunity to grow and learn with fashion and my love of intimate apparel. I was also fortunate to receive a SAIG Scholarship in my sixth semester. I look forward to an exciting career in intimate apparel.



Copiague, New York

At a young age I was destined to pursue creativity. In grade school, I had notebooks dedicated to sketching elaborate ensembles. My freshman year of high school I started my design journey as a precollege student at FIT. I always looked for ways to express my creativity whether through competitive dance, founding a nonprofit for people living with autism, or pursuing fashion. At FIT, I evolved as an innovative designer. My designs feature sleek and elegant silhouettes with a distinct edge. As a junior, I entered the intimate apparel program, which enabled me to express my designs and enhanced my artistic and technical skills. I look forward to my future in the intimate apparel industry. I believe the freedom to create without boundaries is invaluable.



Long Island, New York

While most mothers have a kit with a needle and thread handy, my mother was more familiar with the toolbox—the hammer, screwdriver, and drill. Despite her lack of interest in sewing, I discovered my passion for design through her guidance. Design emerged as the bridge from my ideas to visual expressions. My mom encouraged me to showcase my creativity and attention to detail in school projects, which eventually led to developing ideas for clothing. Intimate apparel demands attention to detail—fit, construction, and an elevated aesthetic—while accentuating the woman’s figure. F.I.T. has given me unparalleled education and training. Although my mom couldn’t thread a needle, she continues to help me sew my dreams together.



Cranford, New Jersey

Fashion design is my epitome of self-expression. Nothing is more satisfying to me than transforming an idea into something tangible and unique, allowing others to express themselves. I began sewing because of my desire to achieve exclusivity through dress. My love of fashion led me to create countless evening dresses, dance costumes, and eventually a line of bespoke blue jeans when I was a teenager. These passions led me to FIT, where I discovered the intimate apparel specialization. I love perfect fit, and thanks to my training, I have gained the skills to achieve it in my designs. I am constantly inspired by the organic beauty of the world around me, and I love to express this inspiration in all of my designs. It will be exciting to enter the intimate apparel industry.



Talent, Oregon

My journey toward fashion design began at the age of five. I could not separate myself from my mother, as she sewed for hours, creating fashions for her nine children. It was then that I quickly realized that I too desired fashion. As time passed, I worked hard to put myself through school. I am in my final semester at FIT and delighted to be a part of the intimate apparel specialization. It is a unique program that inspires creativity, challenge, and desire to be your very best. In my sixth semester, The Underfashion Club awarded me a SAIG Scholarship. During my seventh semester I took part in the Femmy competition and was third prize Femmy Design winner. I am greatly honored and could not have gotten here without the intimate apparel program at FIT.



Dallas, Texas

Fashion is an opportunity to celebrate life. With two artists as parents, I realized from an early age that I wanted creativity to be a part of my life. Design fulfills that artistic need, and allows me to share that joy with others. Four years as an FIT student in New York has truly been invaluable. I am continuously inspired by the city’s unique culture. The intimate apparel specialization has challenged me and enabled me to master new techniques. As a result, I was awarded a generous scholarship from the SAIG committee during my sixth semester. I believe that beautiful, innovative intimate apparel can transform a woman. As a designer, I want to create that transformation and empower women to celebrate their lives every day.



New York, New York

The moment I decided to become a designer will live in my memory forever. They say mother knows best and indeed she does. She knew that I had a special love of fashion. One afternoon, we watched an interview on a South American fashion designer. I was only seven and it had never occurred to me that someone actually creates the clothing we wear. After the interview, I created my first design sketch. From then on I knew I wanted to be a fashion designer. Studying at FIT has been a dream come true. It has helped me elevate my design aesthetic and techniques. While studying here, I discovered I wanted to specialize in intimate apparel. For that I am grateful. I know deep in my heart that this what I’m meant to do.



Baton Rouge, Louisiana

On November 10, 2005, at 12 years old, I wrote, “I, Hillary Higginbotham, will one day become a fashion designer.” I signed and dated the statement. Studying at FIT has been an amazing journey that has made my dream a reality. The intimate apparel specialization has allowed me to create small delicate pieces as well as beautiful structured shapewear garments. I have found that Intimate Apparel is truly infinite. I have been awarded the Natori/Stan Filonovich Scholarship during my eighth semester. I am so excited to use my creativity and knowledge I have gained at FIT in the intimate apparel industry.



Hartsdale, New York

Fashion design, specifically intimate apparel design, is a form of expression that empowers the wearer. It is an interactive art form that is accessible to anyone despite socioeconomic status. This is why I decided to study fashion design. My struggle as a teenager to find fitting foundation pieces inspired me to enter this specialization. My goal is to fuse beauty with functionality in my designs. My vision is to create garments that help women feel more secure and truly beautiful. I also hope to extend my repertoire to include other genders, because fashion is about beauty and acceptance. I look forward to graduating and becoming part of the intimate apparel industry.



Tel- Aviv , Israel

For as long as I remember, fashion has had a big impact on my life and I have always been attracted to this world. In order to make my dream come true I had to put my entire life into one suitcase and move from Israel to New York. Upon arriving at FIT, leaving my old life and family behind, I fell in love with b the design program and the Intimate Apparel specialization, which opened my eyes to so many new concepts and techniques. The program has also transformed the way I think when designing Intimate Apparel as everything starts with what you are wearing beneath it all. I look forward to being an Intimate Apparel designer in New York.



Howell, New Jersey

From a young age it became apparent that I would find myself in an artistic field. My mom and her textile profession helped kick-start my passion for the visual arts, which eventually led me to a more focused goal within fashion design. One element of my style that has not changed, regardless of medium, is my delicate and intricately detailed aesthetic. The opportunity to work with fine and beautiful designs draws me to Intimate Apparel. The idea that I could develop and sketch something wholly from my imagination and have it come to life inspired me to become a designer. Always inspired by delicate couture elements, I knew that I belonged in Intimate Apparel. Being a part of the program at FIT has helped me become more proficient in the technical details that express my design aesthetic.



Silicon Valley, California

When there is not enough beauty around, some feel the need to create it. I found this to be true early in life. It has been the driving force behind my desire to be in the fashion industry. Fashion magazines and their beauty provided me solace as a child and helped me overcome many obstacles. In those moments that I now find so special, I knew that I wanted to evoke this same enchantment as a designer. Romanticizing couture handwork and techniques led me to study at FIT, complete my couture certificate, and specialize in Intimate Apparel. In addition to gaining new design skills, I was fortunate to receive a SAIG Scholarship and to be a Femmy Contest 2015 finalist.



Westwood, New Jersey

My earliest memories are watching my mother in our bedroom, as she draped and sewed. I uncontrollably gravitated to the magical and fascinating process of design. Another passion of mine is helping and learning about others. My large, multicultural family has always pushed me understand and connect with other people. I chose intimate apparel design because it allows me to create masterpieces that not only look beautiful, but also can have an enormous impact on a person’s everyday life. Someone once told me that in intimate apparel, our designs would make or break a person’s day. I am the luckiest person alive because I can express myself and positively affect others with my designs.



West Sayville, New York

Constructing and designing clothing has always been of great interest to me. From a young age, I spent my summers sewing with my grandmother at her dining room table making anything I could imagine. Then, I learned that trying new techniques and methods made the process of creation special and exciting. Every day I love to learn something new, which is a great blessing that the Intimate Apparel program gave me. With every class, I learn to be more confident in my abilities and continue to push my expectations to become the best designer I can be. My precise technical skills helped me become a finalist in the 2015 Femmy Student Design Competition, which was a fantastic learning experience. Upon graduation I strive to become an Intimates designer in New York.



Harrison, New Jersey

For me, fashion design is a calling; it is in my blood. As a young girl in Peru, I was blessed to have two loving grandmothers who shared their skills with me. My paternal grandmother taught me to sew on a vintage Singer sewing machine, and my maternal grandmother taught me to knit and crochet. I learned from them until I was 12 years old and my family immigrated to the United States. Since my first day at FIT, I’ve worked tirelessly to develop my creativity, gain new talents, and improve my craft. The Intimate Apparel Program at FIT has enhanced my skills. I’ve been fortunate to be a Femmy Design Contest finalist and second place winner. My time at FIT has been a long, demanding, and rewarding journey. I look forward to becoming an Intimate Apparel designer.



Commack, New York

My older brothers influenced me to be a bit of a tomboy, but I never let that interfere with my love of fashion. At 13, my aunt taught me how to sew. I pursued fashion classes throughout high school and eventually found my love for lingerie in my later years of college. My attraction to fine laces and expensive silks led me to the Intimate Apparel specialization. My journey in Intimate Apparel has been nothing short of extraordinary. In my sixth semester I received a substantial SAIG scholarship from the Underfashion Club and I was a CFDA semifinalist. I have learned specialized techniques that have helped me bring my designs to life and inspired me to create lingerie that makes women feel beautiful. I am anxious and excited to take these skill sets and apply them in the Intimate Apparel industry.

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