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Dominican Republic 

It’s a luxury to take the time to think and gradually develop concepts. This process reignited my interest in fashion, partly because I am interested in the path ideas take while you are working on them. I am more stimulated by flowing entities. Fashion was not inherent in me; it became intuitive over time. I was more drawn toward philosophy and genetics, two diverging poles that gave me a fresh perspective to externalize my own internal rhythm. For me, design advocates the desire for a discreet way of working in tailoring, and the craftsmanship of subtlety ethereal pieces.




Seoul, Korea

I started drawing and painting when I was 7 years old. I wanted to be a painter but I decided to become a fashion designer because it was a big part of my lifestyle. I grew up in Korea but moved to America when I was 15 years old. However, my journey started after I moved to America. It wasn’t easy to adapt with various different cultures, languages and people. In spite of language barriers, art allowed me to communicate with my new environment. Through my pieces, I showed that the language of art is truly universal. After finishing high school in Virginia, I moved to New York for college. This move marked my journey into the fashion world. This adventure helped me mature and become independent.




East Northport, New York

I was born in 1993 in Huntington, New York. I grew up in a small town called Northport. Since I was a young girl it was apparent that fashion was very important to me. I always had my own style and loved to put my own twist on things. I loved to play with dolls. The plastic ones were my favorites. They came with one permanent outfit painted on them; I would use tissues, wrapping paper, paper towels, ribbons, and whatever else I had to design new outfits for each doll. Although I always loved fashion, it wasn’t until high school that I realized that it was possible for me to have a career in the fashion industry. I took my first fashion illustration class in the tenth grade and I knew it was exactly what I wanted to do: design and construct dresses of my very own. I followed up with fashion classes for the rest of high school knowing that I wished to continue design at FIT. Fashion is such a unique field, it is exciting to put my own special touch on my designs. As a designer I believe that I am very unique. I do my very best to make each woman who wears my designs feel the very best that she can. Ultimately I plan on having a successful career in the fashion industry. In the words of Coco Chanel, “Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds.” I believe in putting love into each design, therefore making each woman who wears one of my designs beautiful!




New York, New York

Fashion is the easiest way for me to express myself and more often than not in the form of dresses. It is a way to translate and interpret the world around me and create something that can be seen, worn and understood by different people. We may not speak the same language or share the same life views, but I truly believe that my designs can help people understand me better as a person. They express what I am thinking and who I truly am. There is a level of communication in the fit of a bodice and the flow of a skirt that surpasses words and I hope that my designs can make this emotional connection.




Silver Spring, Maryland

I became interested in fashion at a young age when I realized that clothing and dress were a language—a powerful means of self-expression without words. This made me realize fashion’s potential as an artistic medium. I’m inspired by people and the cultural complexities of urban life. I draw inspiration from the raw energy of subcultures, the history of clothing, utilitarian clothing, and the colors and textures found in nature. I aim to create clothes that harmonize with the body and its movements to create a unique experience for the wearer.




Orange, California

Growing up in an artistically inclined family fostered a desire in me to create. Recognizing my love for art and culture, my parents worked hard to assure that my potential was nurtured and provided me with the tools to be truly free to create. I experimented with drawing, painting, dancing, playing the piano. All which fortified my desire to create, and soon lead me to my fascination with fashion. Fashion was a distinct freedom that I had not experienced anywhere else. It became my primary means of expressing my individuality, creating stories, interpreting culture, and manifesting that which I find most beautiful and inspiring. Coming from a family that stresses the importance of traveling and experiencing other cultures first hand has not only given me a global aspect on life but has also made a profound impact on myself as a designer.




Hong Kong, China

When I was a little girl, I found that I was good at drawing. I could spend a whole afternoon by myself with a sketchbook and colored pencils. As I grew up, I started to switch my passion from drawing to fashion design. I think fashion design is more practical. But still, I am using fabric like a sketchbook to create and express myself. I love couture because of the exquisite craftsmanship and the attitude of elegance. To me, the tremendous working hours and labor involved in a particular garment represent the depth of its inner beauty.




Daegu, South Korea and Laurel, Maryland

Designing and making garments was one of my grandmother’s most amazing traits. Although I never met her, I’ve heard many stories that inspire me to become like her. My grandmother taught my mom to think of other people’s happiness along with mine, and my mother taught me the same thing. My family and their happiness drives me to productively channel my emotions and ideas. The more I thought about what makes me happy, the more I think about others, particularly other women. Most women consider their wedding days to be one of the best days of their lives. Through my passion and skills, I want women to have the perfect dresses for their s and to make them feel beautiful.




Seoul, South Korea

I’ve been in New York for four years for school. I wanted to become a fashion designer since the fifth grade. I watched a Korean drama and the main character was a shoe designer, which inspired me to draw shoes and garments. Also, my grandmother sews and knits. I saw her creating pajamas and sweaters for me. She inspired me a lot when I was young. I design and make garments because I love fashion. It’s always exciting to see the process from nothing to something. As a designer, I like to add softness to the structure of the dress by mixing different fabrics such as double satin and chiffon.




New York, New York

I often try to think of my life on another path and I can’t seem to envision it. My interest in fashion design piqued around the age of 13, but prior to that I was always doing creative things. I loved drawing or painting my walls or doing new things to my room. That soon led to me altering my clothing. I love empowering the female body and persona while showing a woman’s delicacy, and I try to display that in my designs. During stressful times with finals and term garments, I go back to that exact moment that I received my acceptance letter, and I remember the tears of joy and excitement. Designing and fashion is such a crucial part of my being. Without it, I don’t know who I would be.





I previously graduated from a university in my hometown with a different degree. After my graduation, I worked in national news agency for several months and found myself always sketching at work. It didn’t take me long to quit my job and apply to FIT. I always had passion for drawing and painting, especially drawing women in various clothing, even though at that time I wasn’t exposed to fashion at all. Pursuing my dream major at FIT has been an incredible journey that both challenged and excited me. I could not imagine myself doing anything other than being a fashion designer. For me, creating clothing is something much more meaningful than making something fashionable and chic. I try to tell story with it at my highest effort and aesthetic. Creating a garment is my way of sharing story, imagination, and my personality.




Burke, Virginia

When I was young, my mother made skirts and dresses for me at home. My home was always filled with sewing supplies, cute trims, and colorful fabrics. With this backdrop, I started to design clothing in elementary school. As I began to imagine the woman I wanted to design for, I realized that I sincerely want to reach out to all types of women. I love the word “special” in special occasion. Above all, I want to make my clients feel extraordinary by accentuating their unique silhouettes, styles, and lifestyles. With the fast-paced transition of life, I desire to infuse fashion with politics, media, art, history, science, nature, and culture that will link the past, present, and future. I believe that there is always a new market waiting to be re-created.




Brooklyn, New York

I am an artist. I use the dress form as my easel. Coming from a fine arts education, living in the hood, I have an innate sense of resourcefulness. This equips me with a novel approach to design and a unique assessment on what defines fashion. No matter what medium or material, I am continuously inspired to translate my work into luxury finish. I am inspired by global awareness, craftsmanship, intensive details, contemporary art, and the dichotomy of youth culture with the classics. “If there’s a book you really want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it,” Toni Morrison once said. This is why I design. With each sketch, each muse, each collection I am writing my story. I am a light and I hope my actions will inspire others to go after their unwritten dreams.




Queens, New York

Designing is my medium for self-expression. As a child I wanted to be an artist. That desire evolved into wanting to become a designer. It was never an option to do anything else. My goal is to not just create clothes, but to create art on the human body. I love the entire process of designing, but of course the finished product always inspires me to keep going. For me, inspiration is key. I find inspiration and beauty in the unusual things in life. Being creative is such a large part of who I am and will always be.




Mars, Pennsylvania

I aspire to be a fashion designer because I enjoy creating original designs and seeing them go from the pages of my sketchbook to the runway. Creating my own designs gives me the freedom to be as creative as I want with silhouettes and embellishments. I take most of my inspiration from nature and the sea. I believe natural elements are the most powerful inspiration because the human hand has not altered them. This inspiration breathes fresh air into each of my designs, giving them a relaxed and bohemian feel.




Valley Stream, New York

I was never interested in fashion when I was younger, I did not know how to sew, how to construct a garment, or to design. I was interested in fine arts, and sculpting, as well as the culinary field, but I was uncertain of my career choice. The last two years of high school I had the option to go to a career and technical education center that provided extracurricular courses besides art and physical education. I took a fashion design course just to try it out. I learned how to drape, make patterns, sew, illustrate. Since then, the appeal of fashion emerged.




Wantagh, New York

I’ve always liked art and expressing my creativity, but fashion is what inspires me. In high school, I would sew and sketch, hoping to turn my ideas into reality. I bought my first sewing machine and taught myself how to use it. After the first of many FIT precollege classes, I knew FIT was my dream school. I decided to focus my passion on special occasion because I think there’s nothing more beautiful then a sparkly beaded gown or a lace dress. I love how one dress can have so much detail and truly be a piece of art.




Tempe, Arizona

My interest in fashion was sparked nearly 18 years ago when I discovered vintage silk nightgowns in grandma’s closet. As I got older, I began to appreciate not only their beauty, but also the intricate details and embellishments. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to spend my life creating beautiful things and designing allowed me to do exactly that! My aesthetic is best described as feminine, delicate and classic. My love of nature, specifically flowers, birds and butterflies, and 1940s and 1950s fashion often translate into my work. Choosing bridal and as my concentration was one of the easiest decisions I have ever made. Not only does it allow me to work with beautiful fabrics and spend hours embroidering, it also allows me to be part of the most exciting moments of my customers’ lives!




Wantagh, New York

Fashion has always been a passion of mine. Following high school, I was unsure as to which area of study to pursue. I attended several fashion classes at our local community college and then realized my true love for fashion design. It would become my absolute passion. One day, I hope it will also become a successful career. I love to create. Therefore, I love to design. Vera Wang, has always been a true inspiration and major contributing factor as to why I aspire to become a designer. Directing on my focus toward “special occasion” has given me a whole new perspective to the meaning of attention to detail, and ultimately what it takes to create something beautiful.




Huntington, Long Island, New York

I have always had a strong attraction to fashion, as I have always been enchanted by its intricate details and rich fabrications. My ultimate goal is to create garments my customer will never want to take off, with her cheeks hurting from smiling so radiantly because she is has never felt better. I have heard feedback from women after wearing one of my designs and it fills me with overwhelming joy. Creating that confidence in a woman makes all the hard work pay off and fuels my passion for design. I am a strong believer in loving what you do and doing what you love. Fashion is exactly that, there isn’t anything else in the world I could or would be doing.

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