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Allow me to introduce another special occasion designer: Lindsey Fauser. Lindsey not only is creative but has a heart of gold. She always has a great smile, positive outlook, and one of the best note takers I have ever SEE…IRS should call her for organizational tips [because she’s got it]. Aside, from her ability to get the job done, Lindsey has an eye for femininity fused with a touch of European glamour. I wanted to ask her a couple questions that shed some light on her creative process and a few fun teasers that show us her sweet/funny side! I hope you enjoy reading our little chat!

Lindsey Fauser

Lindsey Fauser (please note the perfect hair)

Here’s our interview:


Please share a little bit about where your from and what made you want to be a designer? 

I am from Northport, Long Island. Ever since I was a child I knew that I wanted to make dresses! My mom was always sewing new things for around the house; window drapes, pillows, chair covers, I would take the scraps of fabric and rework them into outfits for my dolls. Although I always had a passion for making clothes it wasn’t until I took a fashion design course in high school that I really knew I could make a career of this! 


who have you interned/worked for ?and how was the experience…was there something specific you learned?

Over the course of this semester I have been interning for Alvina Valenta, a bridal designer under the title of JLM Couture. This internship has been an amazing opportunity for me. Being in the design studio I have has the opportunity to see the entire process first hand. Everyone that I have worked with has been so inspiring and helpful! 

What was your inspiration for your thesis collection? what references intrigued you?

My senior thesis was inspired by both lingerie. I like very soft organic looks that still accentuate the woman’s natural body. I also love me some lace appliqué! 

Share with me one thing that Noone knows about you?

I’m obsessed with raisinettes! 

You’re one of the sweetest designers I know.. Describe yourself in 3 words.

If I had to describe myself I would like to think that I’m kind, understanding and compassionate. 

Now, tell me about your alter ego (lets get creative with this one..give me name, lifestyle etc)

My alter ego…hmm… this is hard! My alter ego is definitely a pop star! I love karaoke (but I’m not so good) so my alter ego would definitely be a bad ass singer!

This or That…Choose one :

be Catwoman or Superwoman 


your design on Cover of US VOGUE or dress FLOTUS Michelle Obama

Dress Michelle!

Fame or Fortune 

Fortune! (this way I can still go out into public in my sweatpants without anyone recognizing me)

Five good friends or one best, best friend?

Quality over quantity any day

Facebook or Instagram

Instagram, filters always help!

kiss a jellyfish or step on a porcupine

Do I have to answer this one..?

What is one goal you would like to accomplish in your lifetime?

My overall goal is to just be blissfully happy! I hope to one day have my own bridal boutique where I can help women feel the best they possibly can on their special day! 

Share with me what your perfect day would look like?…(lets get creative with this one)


My perfect day would take place on a beach. It would be sunny and about 80 degrees, not too hot but you can still can a little bit of a tan. All my best girl friends would be there and margaritas and guacamole would definitely be involved!

Any regrets? Is there something you wish you could turn the hand’s of time backwards to do related to your college experience?

So far no regrets! I think life is pretty good!:)

What motivates you to stick in there and keep moving forward? 

FIT is hard but I stuck it out! I think part of the push was that I knew this is what I want, I know I want to be a designer. Even though it was hard I knew that I had to keep moving forward to achieve my goals… and when it got really hard, my awesome friends/classmates would remind me that this is what I want and they pushed along with me. 

Whats next for you ?

Whats next for me is pretty uncertain right now. I plan on remaining in New York and finding a full time design job! 

Click these links to see Lindsey’s Gorgeous designs:




With Love,

Travis Dean Pereira

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  1. Inspiring story! Like Lindsey, I have also discovered my love for fashion designing at home with my mom making pillow cases, curtains, etc.

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