Sorry Mrs OBAMA…There’s a new FLOTUS in town!

This next girl I’m about to present is literally the most peppiest, happiest, most-likely-to-work-as-a-news-anchor person I have ever met @ FIT! She smiles like a ray of sunshine and literally can write a new york times best-selling book on what ladies do and dont do! Her name? Marisa Thompson…Her classic swagger and feminine fashion sense has given her the crown of FLOTUS in our class! Teaser: 3 things Marisa loves 1) fresh floral arrangements 2) Chantilly lace 3) Le Bain


Marisa Thompson

Marisa Thompson

Okay…now the interview you all have been waiting’s our interview…hope you enjoy!

Please share a little bit about where your from and what made you want to be a designer? 
I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona.  Both of my parents worked so I went to Grandma and Papa’s house almost everyday!  When I was very young, 4 or 5 years old, I was exploring grandma’s closet and found her silk nightgowns from the 50s and 60s.  I was immediately obsessed as I had never seen anything as beautiful as these gowns. Each one was floor length, some bias cut, with some sort of delicate embellishment such as Chantilly lace appliqué or floral embroidery.  Although I didn’t appreciate or understand these techniques at the time, I knew they were special.  My fascination with these nightgowns continued so grandma taught me how to sew.  Ever since then, designing is all I’ve wanted to do!  I’m so lucky to have such a loving and supportive family that always encouraged me to follow my dreams!
who have you interned/worked for ?and tell us about your experiences there ?
My first internship was with the design team at Rosie Pope Maternity.  After working at the storefront of the corporate office for a few months, Rosie asked me to design a dress for the spring 2014 collection.  I was able to be a part of the entire process. Sketching, flats, tech packs and many rounds of fittings!  My next internship was with the alterations department of L’Fay Bridal.  Taking gowns apart and then putting them back together taught me so much about construction!  In addition to alterations, I did lots of beadwork!  While interning at L’Fay, I met Jaclyn Jordan of Jaclyn Jordan New York.  I began making veils and sashes for her, eventually made a small collection of boleros and most recently a wedding gown!  I still freelance for her and plan to continue post graduation!  My 8th semester internship was at Oscar de la Renta and it was a dream!  The design team was very small so I was able to work on many different projects in many different departments.  Some days I made embroidery samples, some days I worked with knits and some days I worked in the atelier!  
What was your inspiration for your thesis project? 
One of my art projects last semester was inspired by vintage tea sets!  I loved that although the shape of the tea-pot and cups didn’t change much, the floral motifs made each set look so different.  Through additional research I developed my thesis which involved simple silhouettes with intricate floral beadwork and lace manipulation!
You have this FLOTUS style and personality about you…what are 3 tips that a lady should always be?
1.  A lady must always be presentable as you never know who you are going to run into or meet!  It is easier to put on a dress than it is to put on gross sweatpants and a t-shirt.  There is a huge difference between casual and sloppy!  “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat.  You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.” -Mr. Lagerfeld
2.  Ladies don’t take straight shots!  Grandma always said that nice boys don’t like drunk girls and I completely agree!  BFA standard is one cocktail ladies!
3.  A lady shares her love and happiness with those around her!
we are about to enter the small but ever so large fashion industry. What makes you stand out from the rest of the hundreds of senior graduates that are going to be applying for jobs?
Definitely my positive attitude!  We are all talented and graduating with beautiful portfolios and impressive resumes.  What sets me apart is my ability to remain my abnormally happy self regardless of the situation!  A positive work environment is a productive one!
Choose 4 people to join your dream fashion squad? (alive or dead)
-Mr. Valentino Garavani
-Francois Lesage
-Carolina Herrera
-And if I’m really lucky, one of the incredibly talented 2015 FIT fashion design graduates!
What motivated you to stick the course and graduate FIT?
The past 4 years have been extremely challenging.  I remember being told by admissions that the program was tough but I never imagined it would be this tough!  Sleepless nights, a nearly impossible workload, nights spent in the computer lab and embellishment books are some of the many things that caused me to sometimes doubt my ability to complete the program.  The same things motivated me to not give up!  By completing challenging projects and meeting impossible deadlines I have learned that anything is possible!  Designing and making beautiful things is what I love to do and I can’t imagine life any other way!
Whats next for you in 2015?
I’m not sure what I’ll be doing after graduation!  Designing bridal / special occasion has always been the plan but after taking intimate apparel classes, I am very interested in designing lingerie!  Studying embroidery at Lesage has always been a dream of mine! I am looking forward to the future! 

Marisa I wish you all the best my dear!

With Love,

Travis Dean Pereira

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