This is not a Goodbye…but a See You Later

Only days until graduation and I am still in shock…..that we actually we made it! we did it….we didn’t give up and finally the moment to collectively say “hooray!” has come before us. It hasn’t soaked in yet but I am sure it will after we toss our caps in the sky at graduation together. For most of us….this will be the end of school and its such a humbling moment to say “I completed my college degree”.  The late nights and long hours to complete our work has come to a stop just for a moment before we continue on our journey… wherever it may take us!
There are a few things I want to say to my group of FIT fashion design graduates!….first and foremost, please trust me when I say this… YOU MATTER! your creative vision is valuable and you must believe it! Life will take you in various directions and there is no right or wrong direction, just trust in your ability in any and every situation [be courageous]. Always try to be happy about the decisions you make and be grateful for all you have and have accomplished [its only the beginning]. FIT was a safe environment for us..[believe it or not..we were babied]..we got a chance to learn and develop ourselves inside the walls of FIT. We were able to make mistakes and figure out our routine and what worked for us. Thank you FIT for aiding all of us in comprehending the way of The Industry and how we must meet up to its standards in order to thrive and innovate. The obstacles may seem high and unreachable at times but honestly I believe what will get us to the next level will be us believing that we already have enough to win…[truly believe that you are  where you need to be in any moment to succeed!] Also, As we enter the “real world” I believe its important that we remember why we started this path…what made us hungry for more and what made our hearts warm inside. Lets use those thoughts to drive us to greatness! It may be scary to leave college [our comfort zone] and enter unknown territory but that’s okay….& the door may close a hundred times but never give in, always keep banging those doors down until you find a way in! BUT when you find the way in…always remember to help others cross over by remembering to keep the doorway open behind you to support your fellow classmates too!
[sidebar] here are some favorite quotes that I love to look at! 
“If you just keep moving forward, you’ll amaze yourself”
“always invest in yourself”
“be present”
“remember why you started”
“if you think it, you will have it”
“I am dope!”
From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the best in life….When I look at the class of 2015..I only see winners! Please keep your head high and push yourself…..the time is NOW!
With Love,
Travis Dean Pereira
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