Children’s Wear

Justine Fernandez

Justine Fernandez

Farmingdale, Long Island, New York

I first discovered my passion for fashion at eighteen years old. When I first started drawing, I immediately became obsessed with designing. Everything I would see throughout my daily life became an inspiration. The first time I ever sewed was for my application project for my acceptance into FIT. I chose FIT because it is one of the best schools in the world to study fashion. They accept only the best students who are passionate about what they do. The competition as well as the amazing reputation of their program made FIT the only college I applied to. I consider my aesthetic to be somewhat masculine with edge. I love to design children’s wear because I can keep my masculine look but switch it up with frilly and fun accents.

Lorena Ferri

Lorena Ferri

Sueca, Valencia, Spain

I was born in a little village by the Mediterranean Sea. Dressing well was always a priority for me. After high school I began working as a flight attendant to give free rein to my two passions: fashion and travel. I decided to take my love of fashion seriously and make it my major. I had learned sewing and pattern designing from my hard-working mom and aunt, which gave me the self-confidence to take the leap.

I entered FIT after completing an FD degree at Parsons. My design aesthetic conveys the permanent dichotomy of classic and modern elements in an unstable balance. I feel that being a designer is the best way to communicate this spirit. Children’s wear is a microcosm—a little satellite circling the fashion planet at its own pace. It has allowed me to develop my creativity at my own pace, without constraints that adult fashion may have.

Paige GillilandPaige Gilliland

Edwardsville, Illinois

Being a designer has been a dream. Ever since I was little girl, playing dress-up gave me the opportunity to be completely creative and express myself the best. I have always used fashion as a way to express my opinions and perspective on what is happening in our culture or what is being shown to us through the media. I try to be very present in what is happening in the world, as it is a source of inspiration for my designs. My aesthetic is youthful with an edgy twist, so I like to incorporate new and interesting fabrics and textures to my designs.

Elianise Jean-LouisElianise Jean-Louis

West Palm Beach, Florida

I did not choose my specialization; I think the universe did the choosing for me, and it was a good choice. Originally, I was planning on law school. I had been going to art school for a long time. I was getting weary of the art scene, and I wanted a job that would pay. But then I started teaching myself to sew because I wanted to make my own clothing. I saw how a garment could make a person feel better about him- or herself. I decided that I was going to make clothing that made people feel good about themselves.

I was once told that my aesthetic was that of an old Japanese man with a hint of street, and I think that’s true. I am fascinated by details that are forgotten, and as a designer I want to elevate the forgotten details and transform them into something memorable.

Deborah KangDeborah Kang

Bowling Green, Ohio

At the age of seven I decided I that wanted to be a ballerina, so I pestered my mom to sign me up at a local ballet school. In the beginning, simply attending the class was enough to make me happy. However, it soon became less about ballet and more about wearing the elegant ballet costumes. I often found myself spending more time drawing ballet costumes than practicing the positions. Before long, I realized that my actual love was not in dancing, but rather in designing. I also love working with children, which led me to specializing in children’s wear.

Sylwia KotowskaSylwia Kotowska

Garfield, New Jersey

I always doodled random “fashion sketches” that looked like aliens, but one Christmas I got a present for designing that got me interested in design and transformed my life.
Two factors really influenced me to specialize in children’s wear. I have been working for some time at my local church every Saturday as a Polish teacher’s aide, and every year I have a different age group, ranging from three to five years old. That, combined with the fact that most of my family is made up of children. About 80 percent of them are under eleven years old. My aesthetic is similar to the “cool hipster kid” style. I love to mix very upscale classy pieces with accessories like a beanie or baseball cap.

Jennifer LeeJennifer Lee

Rochester Hills, Michigan

Fashion design was not considered a career in my family, but that never stopped me from creating. It was not until my third year of studying medicine that I decided to pursue my passion for design. Shockingly, my parents fully supported my dream. I dropped all my classes and bought a sewing machine. I had no idea how to use it or how to create a fashion portfolio. Nonetheless, I was determined to learn. After months of studying and practice, I was admitted into FIT! I decided on children’s wear because I love working with and creating things for kids. They exude a genuine happiness that makes my heart overflow. I believe kids’ clothing expresses who they are and how they feel, which is what designing kids’ clothing does for me! As a designer, I want to evoke positive feelings and joy through my whimsical and colorful designs.

Jongah Nicole LeeJongah Nicole Lee

Seoul, South Korea

Throughout my life, I have always liked clothing. Anything that I saw inspired me, and that inspiration was always connected to fashion and clothing. Over the course of my studies, I think my style has become clearer. My designs are trendy, modern, and quirky, but wearable. I really loved designing women’s wear, but I wanted to experiment more with another specialization. With children’s wear, my designs are created without the limitations of gender, materials, or colors. I use diverse colors and prints with children’s wear, and that has really broadened my fashion vision. Knowledge of children’s wear and of industry trends greatly expands my repertoire.

Kelly McHughKelly McHugh

Westbury, New York

My art is a reflection of who I am and how I see the world. My whole life, I have used art as an outlet to express my emotions, thoughts, and experiences. I grew up in a supportive family who fully encouraged me to pursue my dreams. My family and friends know I have a youthful, free spirit, which is why I decided to specialize in children’s wear. My designs reflect the youthful spirit of my personality. Children’s wear gives me the opportunity to explore my ideas because the creative possibilities are limitless. I design modern children’s clothing that is sophisticated while still being fun.

Victoria NickersonVictoria Nickerson

Rochester, New York

My journey as a fashion designer started at a very young age. I used to sit and flip through fashion magazines and admire all the incredible clothes. I love designing because you can boost an individual’s confidence with clothing and style. I chose children’s wear because I love working with kids. I love the innocence and joyful spirit of children. Children’s wear allows for a more free-spirited and unbridled approach to design. The design process sparks from the creative ways in which children explore fashion through the process of simply getting dressed. My design aesthetic is minimalistic. I create beautiful and simple clothing that is stylish, yet comfortable enough to be worn every day.

Min Jee ParkMin Jee Park

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Books can only teach us so much. It is real-life experiences—the types of people we meet and the people who love and inspire us—that teach us what truly matters. For that reason I have always been an ardent believer in acquiring hands-on experience and keeping an inquisitive attitude toward anything that captures my interest. Fashion is just one of my interests, but it is also one of the closest to my heart. Born and raised in Argentina by parents who love fashion, I was fortunate enough to be exposed to both the glamour and the arduous nature of the fashion industry. My experiences growing up also helped me develop an eye for design, especially children’s wear.

Lanique PetersonLanique Peterson

Orange County, New York

Expression without words. Art has always had a beautiful complexity that I’ve wanted to master. This passion has been embedded in me ever since the first time I placed my hand on a paintbrush in preschool. Fashion design is a medium in art that not only evokes thoughts, but also celebrates the human body. My specialty was my first choice. I make decisions based on how it will benefit me and how much valuable knowledge I can gain from it. As I grow my craft, my aesthetic becomes more refined and I start to understand myself more within my garments. I am and always will be an artist. But, without the structure of FIT, I wouldn’t have developed as quickly into the talented person I am today. Being at FIT is the happiest I’ve ever been.

Angelica RyanAngelica Ryan

Sparta, New Jersey

I have always loved to sew and draw. While in high school, I took over twelve classes in the precollege program, and I loved coming to the school every Saturday. It was my dream to attend FIT full-time and continue studying my passion. I am spending my last year at FIT concentrating on children’s wear. I would say my design aesthetic in children’s wear is classic American. During my time at FIT, I have completed internships at companies such as Andy & Evan, Tommy Hilfiger–Global Brands, and Nickelodeon. In my final semester this spring, I will be finishing my BFA and interning for Vineyard Vines.

Courtney StantonCourtney Stanton

Massapequa, Long Island, New York

Ever since I was young, I wanted to go to FIT and be a fashion designer. I have always been creative and had a love of fashion. I started making clothes for some of my younger cousins and realized that I loved designing children’s clothes. Children’s wear has brought out a completely different aesthetic than I had with women’s wear. I love that in children’s wear almost anything goes—you can do so much with color and prints and be as creative as you want. I consider my aesthetic now to be bright, colorful, and very girly.

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