Andrea N. Diaz Aviles

Andrea N. Diaz AvilesPuerto Rico

Like many others, I first showed an interest in fashion through Barbie dolls. I always asked my mother to buy me the newest clothes and accessories to the point that I had a backpack full of Barbie clothes. When there were no new clothes, I decided to start making my own. I made all types of clothes that I felt were missing. My interest in clothes persisted, and Idecided to pursue it and learn more. The moment I found out it was a career, I decided to become a fashion designer, and, with my parents support, I got where I am today. The thing I love most about fashion is how versatile it can be. There is always something new being made and a new way to wear it. Fashion lets people express themselves and lets their personalities show. I choose my specialization because I believe it has the most freedom. It lets me experiment with fabrics and styles without restriction. My personal style has always been to keep it clean and simple, with something loud to make it pop and distinguish it from the sea of existing garments. I strive to create not complex designs, but bold designs that showcase who I am as a person.

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