Breeyana Burroughs

Breeyana BurroughsBrooklyn, NY
Children’s Wear

I’ve been quiet but very artistic since I was child. I would draw random things and I believe that’s just how I express myself. My interest in fashion began when I watched musicals set in the ’60s, like Dreamgirls and Hairspray. I started sketching dresses in a composition notebook; then I would color them in with markers. My grandmother and her sister also inspired me to become a designer. My grandmother’s style always inspired me, and her sister also knew how to sew. I design sportswear-like garments but I love to add embellishments and manipulate or deconstruct the fabrics I use. I also consistently use a curved style line as my trademark design detail in the garments I actually sew. I use various colors and fabrics to portray a specific mood and to show that not everything needs to be one note. Making garments for my little sister made me want to pursue children’s wear. I believe designing children’s wear can give me a more positive outlook on fashion, because today’s generation can wear anything and want to be like or feel like whoever they aspire to be.

Instagram: @bbcreasigns

FIT, State University of New York

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