Courtney Rivera

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Courtney RiveraVirginia Beach, Virginia
Children’s Wear

My dream is to make clothes that make people smile. Fashion design is a creative outlet for me to express who I am inside and I feel like people can tell exactly who I am as a person when they see my work. I love combining my love for Illustrator/Photoshop with my love for sewing. I like to include custom-made prints and graphics in my designs and I use to print my designs onto fabric! I chose children’s wear as my specialization because I am honestly a kid at heart and love all things quirky, cute, fun, and colorful. I love designing kids’ clothing and I design outfits that I wish I could have worn when I was a child. I would consider my aesthetic to be a bit pop art-ish with a mix of femininity and quirkiness.


INSTAGRAM: @conewyork

FIT, State University of New York

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