Ananda Corriette

Ananda CorrietteBrooklyn, New York
Intimate Apparel

I design intimate apparel because I feel that it’s limitless, and the core of contemporary fashion. As a designer, I feel joy in possessing the power to control what women wear and how it makes them feel. My design aesthetic is a marriage between soft and sweet, and edgy and sleek. I didn’t choose to be in fashion; I believe that fashion chose me. Being raised by a fashion-forward single mother molded me into the young woman I am today. Being exposed to the world of fashion at such a young age inspired me and forever changed my life. Attending FIT has allowed every childhood dream of mine to come true and I have evolved as a designer and a person beyond my wildest dreams. My goal is to inspire women like myself, who don’t come from a lot, and motivate them to follow their dreams no matter the odds.

Instagram: @ananda.corriette

FIT, State University of New York

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