Diane Ferrufino

FOF Graduates Collection

Diane FerrufinoEl Salvador
Intimate Apparel

When I was a child, I helped my grandma thread her vintage singer sewing machine, and seeing how she made clothes inspired me to become a fashion designer. I realized that I wanted to create and combine unexpected colors and textures to design unique and beautiful pieces. Through the Intimate Apparel concentration at FIT I’ve gained new skills and specialized techniques that make me feel more confident when I’m creating a garment. I learned to work at an advanced level to make my designs come to life. What makes me unique is my passion and confidence to take risks and keep going. My vision is to create garments that reflect women´s curves so that they can feel more confident, sexy, secure, and extremely beautiful. I feel so blessed to be graduating from FIT with a degree in Fashion Design.

Instagram: @ferrufino_diane

FIT, State University of New York

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