Eunseo Kim

Eunseo KimSouth Korea
Intimate Apparel

As a child I always admired people on TV and in magazines and advertisements, but what stood out to me were the alluring and provocative pictures of women in lingerie and fine, lustrous lace gowns. Everyone knows about it, but who actually dares to seek it out? My fashion taste has always lingered on the provocative and sensuous side. I was always trying to find my passion in life. I tried everyday wear, but it just wasn’t for me. At the start of college, I still was not open about my interest in lingerie and kept it hidden, because it was often questioned and looked down upon by society. Every form of female promiscuity was shamed. I realize now that intimate apparel is what I am truly passionate about and love. Nothing gets me more excited. It always feels like a gift. I love intimate apparel. It’s daring, mysterious, enticing, provocative and alluring. It screams, “Look at me!” It makes me feel more confident and love myself more.

FIT, State University of New York

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