Hannah Myers

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Hannah MyersBayport, New York
Intimate Apparel

Having grown up in a small beach town on Long Island, I couldn’t help but adore that active beachy lifestyle I had awaiting me. I can honestly say that it has impacted my entire design aesthetic. I had also always placed importance on making women feel powerful both inside and out. There is no better feeling than not only thinking you’re sexy, but feeling it too, and that’s exactly what my lingerie embodies. My mom’s side of the family is filled with talented artists of all kinds. My grandparents owning their own antique store drove me toward falling in love with timeless pieces of art and clothing. Combining my upbringing of the beach, my value of women’s empowerment, and our unique family roots, I knew becoming a lingerie designer at FIT was all I could ever dream of.

Email: hannahrosemyersdesigns@gmail.com

FIT, State University of New York

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