Heather Rose Morra

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Heather Rose MorraOld Bridge, New Jersey
Intimate Apparel

Growing up in a family of fashion designers, I was surrounded by the industry at a very young age. Having a grandmother who not only went to FIT but owned a clothing store introduced me to beautiful fabrics and intricate trims before I could even walk. My love for fashion started right there in her store and continued as I developed until, finally, I knew I wanted to study for a career in this industry. I’ve always been interestded in the Intimate apparel industry because of its many challenges and even greater rewards. As I’ve learned more about intimate apparel, my passion for it has grown and has greatly influenced my personal aesthetic. Throughout my FIT career, I’ve been able to establish my aesthetic as delicate, feminine silhouettes mixed with edgy details, and I will continue to develop this style as I enter the industry.

@heathermorra / https://heathermorra27.wixsite.com/portfolio

FIT, State University of New York

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