Aleksandra McCormack

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Aleksandra McCormackNew York

I design because making things gives me a sense of satisfaction and purpose like no other. I have always viewed fashion as a powerful mode of self-expression. When you choose your clothes, you decide this element of how the world perceives you. It’s always been a tool for me to show my personality to the world and I want to share that with others. I am unique because my thought process is a balance of the creative and the analytical. Knitwear ties into this well because it’s all about combining beauty with fabric and stitch structure. My aesthetic is feminine, chic, and forward-thinking with a nod to retro. My designs always involve juxtaposition, whether it’s about blending the past and future, or volume and structure. I have a deep appreciation for vintage clothing and fashion history that definitely colors everything I design. I love knitwear design because it’s wonderful to build a garment from the yarn up. It’s not just about the silhouette, but also includes elements of surface and print design. I love to incorporate overt texture and surface interest in my designs.


INSTAGRAM: @aleksandramccormack

FIT, State University of New York

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