Anqi Jiang

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Anqi JiangChina

I regard fashion design as an amazing method to express my passion and understanding of life and beautiful things. I am always inspired by cultural and modern masterpieces and artworks including architecture, painting, sculpture, and crafts. Experiencing, learning, and thinking in a city like New York with its different cultures, passion for life, and various resources has made me curious and eager to learn new things. When it was time to choose a specialization, I didn’t hesitate to choose Knitwear, which I had never worked in before, since I want to know what I can do with totally different techniques and experience a different aspect of fashion design. As an international student, I always include in my designs cultural interaction based on Western and Oriental aesthetics, with surprising details and attractive silhouettes.

Instagram: @anqi_jaq

FIT, State University of New York

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