Brian Wexler-Rubinstein

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Brian Wexler-RubinsteinTucson, Arizona

My fashion design Journey began at a very tender age. I grew up influenced by superhero cartoons, anime and pop culture. This inspired my love of drawing and design. Most of my inspiration comes from these strong, empowering female figures. Joan Rivers and red carpets were a passion of mine that made me want to become a designer. I fell in love with the glamour of fashion and the unconventionality. It influenced the way I look at fashion. Ever since my childhood, I would associate events in my life with what people wear, having my mother and sister as big influential factors in my life. I have a special love for knits because they are amorphous and can be adapted into whatever my creativity desires. They are soft and unconventional, yet have so many technical factors that most people are unaware of. I consider my design aesthetic sophisticated with an unconventional and tasteful approach.

Instagram: @b_wex_rub

FIT, State University of New York

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