Daniella Koller

FOF Graduates Collection

Daniella KollerMamaroneck, New York

When I first switched into fashion design from pre-med, I knew extraordinarily little about fashion. I quickly learned, and soon became aware of many industry practices that disappointed me. My hope as a designer is to create positive change in the world. I have retained my love for science and math, so for me knitwear is the perfect fusion of the technical and the creative in a single design form. When I design, it has to be rooted in some type of passion. I want to help the design industries become more environmentally and socially sustainable, explore biodegradable updates for fibers that don’t yet have them, and incorporate evolving technologies into designs for the betterment of society while keeping circularity at the heart of the designs. I want to design at the intersection of disciplines and create innovative solutions to existing problems.

Instagram: @deezeekaye

FIT, State University of New York

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