Euijung Jung

Euijung JungSouth Korea

Over the past several years, I lived in three different countries—India, Japan and the United States—for a duration of one year at each location. I became completely fascinated by each nation’s diverse and exotic cultures. The biggest shock to me was the fact that each country had its own various and unique definitions of what beauty was. I felt that people within each culture saw the world from a very different perspective from my own. These experiences forever changed what I understood beauty to be, and I realized that there was no single, absolute definition for beauty. People around the world have their own uniqueness inspired bu culture, society, and even their own personal experiences. I am confident that my diverse experiences not only expanded my perspective, but also taught me to better develop inspiration into clear intentions, which I believe and hope will be valuable in becoming a good designer.

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FIT, State University of New York

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