Jacqueline Bravo

FOF Graduates Collection

Jacqueline BravoQueens, New York

At the age of seven, I realized I wanted to become a fashion designer because of how much I enjoyed sketching and making clothes for my dolls. From that moment, I was very determined to go to college and pursue a career in fashion design. Starting at FIT, I originally wanted to stick to designing sportswear, but I later took an interest in knitwear and wanted to broaden my skills as a designer. Most of my design concepts develop from my emotions or personal thoughts reflecting our current society. I like to take non-visual concepts and turn them into visual products through my designs. My design aesthetic is constantly evolving, but I would describe it as a combination of edgy femininity, streetwear, and high-end minimalism.

Dis-Connected FW’20 discovers the physical disconnect of humans from society as a result of technology.

FIT, State University of New York

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