Jayanti Tiwari

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Jayanti TiwariNew Delhi, India

I knew that I appreciated art from a very young age. I trained in fine arts and realized that fashion allowed me to make my artistic work and concepts wearable. I realized that I could make art that touched many people and not just a few who could visit me in a gallery. Design for me is all about making an effort to create concepts that could potentially change the world. I am always in search of the right blend of intelligence, logic, passion, creativity and research to create something that will make the world a better place. I want to be a designer because I know I can use my strengths to find solutions to improve the fashion industry. I think most true artists or creators pursue creativity because they have something unique to say. I think I have a lot to give and I could find a lot of solutions to make life better not for one or myself but for many. I chose Knitwear because I did not want to leave school without getting the most out of my education. I realized this would be my only chance to learn about knitwear in depth so I could widen my technical knowledge and have more resources to create. My design aesthetic is a state of mind in which the experience and the idea is bigger than just a pant and skirt. The woman I want to dress is not of a specific age or demographic. Rather, she is a mindset.

FIT, State University of New York

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