Jordain Williams

Jordain WilliamsFort Lauderdale, Florida

I became a designer because it included a lot of skills I already had, things I learned and taught myself from Youtube videos. I originally wanted to go into astrophysics; after about two years of design school, though, it honestly became something I really enjoyed, even though I had to relearn how to do everything the correct way. I still can’t really do things the correct way and that’s why I picked Knitwear; I was tired of sewing things together incorrectly and getting bad grades. But now that I’m in knitwear, I really like the opportunity to make all my pieces basically from scratch, starting with yarns. I think my aesthetic includes a lot of dramatics. I pull a lot of inspiration from historical garments and paintings and I like referencing past styles and modernizing them with current trends.

Instagram: @eoten

FIT, State University of New York

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