Xiaoyu Zhang

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Xiaoyu ZhangKnitwear

Ever since I was little, I have always had a deep passion for art. I studied and practiced art for over 10 years before I came to FIT. Coming from China, but also studying a lot of European art, I developed an aesthetic that is something of a blend of East and West. I have kept this blended idea in many of my designs, while also incorporating my own personal avant-garde style. When I create a collection, I like to create several artistic collages to give myself inspiration for my pieces. I believe that my designs are a form of communication. When a person wears a garment, they are communicating their attitude to the rest of the world. I want to promote positivity in my work so that people can experience the positive message that I am trying to convey.

Instagram:  @xiaoyu.z_

FIT, State University of New York

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