Alexis Yu Qing Sng

Alexis Yu Qing Sng

Special Occasion

While the fashion industry is a dazzling, exciting, and bewildering arena of many specialized areas, it is also a field that is constantly challenging. Therefore this course offers me a broad overview of the industry, discovering the challenging intricacies of the apparel design and merchandising workflow. I have learned about, and experiment with, different fabrics and trims to translate my bold visions in fashion and apparel into actual wearable pieces. Also, I have acquired the key tools of drafting, draping, and sewing to bring my ideas into fruition on the catwalk. Most important, I would like to utilize most of my creativity and attentiveness to detail, refining and perfecting unique pieces that cater to different individuals. The quote that I genuinely live by is one by George Washington Carver: “There is no shortcut to achievement. Life requires thorough preparation—veneer isn’t worth anything.” I think that it is applicable to my work as a designer as well. I strongly believe that time and effort equals quality. As a result, I mostly spend a great deal of time and effort on my work, because I know that sacrifices and hard work are necessary for success.


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