Annette Stone

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Annette Stone

Los Angeles, California
Special Occasion

I’ve always been passionate about fashion design. As a little kid, I used to go shopping with my mom and verbally modify the clothing I picked out. Because I could never find clothing that I liked as is, my parents signed me up for sewing lessons. It didn’t matter that I was only eight years old, because I knew that fashion design was the only thing I wanted to do and special occasion clothing was always the market that captured my attention. Today, my philosophy as a designer is to always design with intention: whether that pertains to themes of social injustice, minimizing my environmental impact, or weaving in personal experiences into my designs. My biggest inspirations are shared experiences and the courage of the greatest designers in history who shocked the world through unconventionality. Eveningwear is far more than what people traditionally consider it to be. In my career, I’m hoping to take eveningwear silhouettes and apply textiles and techniques that defy tradition.

Instagram: @netty_stone


FIT, State University of New York

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