Jaimie Fernandez

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Jaimie Fernandez

White Plains, New York
Special Occasion

Since both my parents are architects, I grew up surrounded by art supplies. Their influence led me to explore the endless world of art. Although art was always something I loved, I saw it in a completely new light after going through a very traumatic experience. Because of it, I went through a dark period in my life and eventually, I went to art therapy to help me cope. I no longer looked to art as a simple hobby, but saw it as a safe haven. I was especially drawn to fashion because it allowed me to immerse myself in a world beyond my reality. The satisfaction of finishing a new piece helped rekindle my happiness and excitement about life.

Instagram: @jaimienicolefernandez

Website: https://jaimiefernandez.wixsite.com/jaimiefernandez

FIT, State University of New York

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