Susan Everett

Susan Everett

Brookhaven, Pennsylvania
Special Occasion

I have loved fashion from an early age. I was two years old when I wouldn’t let my mom pick my outfits for me anymore, I was five when I helped my grandma sew and learned how to knit, and I was seven when I started to sew on my own. My whole life, I dreamed of going to fashion school, and now I am living my childhood dream! As a designer I am focused more on the 3D than the 2D. I love draping, pattern-making, and seeing how technical elements of clothing lead to interesting fashion designs. My aesthetic is feminine and girly, but still strong. I chose the Special Occasion specialization because it is the most technical, both in how a garment is made and how detailed the finishes and embellishments are. AT FIT I have gained an appreciation of fashion history. The history of fashion and couture also led me to pick Special Occasion, and I often use historical inspirations in my designs. No matter how hard FIT and fashion design gets, I will always remain grateful for the experience to live my dream and create new ones!

Instagram: paigenine9

FIT, State University of New York

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