A.J. Burdge

FOF Graduates Collection

A.J. Burdge

Visalia, California

As a creator, you find yourself constantly forming ideas and concepts in the everyday pattern of life. So it now seems inevitable that I would circle back to design after trying my hand at some of the more conventional career paths. Above all else, I want to create things that excite, inform, and exist in the world with strong purpose. It is our own unique stories and the events that lead us to the present that influence and color our artistic vision. In this way, I want to forge a space to create that which others will enjoy and bring into their own personal world of expression and identity. I chose the sportswear specialization because I’m fascinated by denim and reinterpreting the traditional idea of workwear and everyday foundations of the wardrobe.

Instagram: @aj_burdge

FIT, State University of New York

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