Amruta Shree Behera

FOF Graduates Collection

Amruta Shree Behera

Odisha, India

I grew up across seven countries and 11 cities. Being a global citizen, I always found myself drawn to the way people expressed themselves. This expression was called fashion. For as long as I’ve known what fashion is and means, I’ve wanted to be a part of it and, most important, to be able to create it. Every project I’ve created at FIT has been a culmination of the cities I’ve lived in and the people I’ve met. My final thesis at FIT is a combination of my chic and sporty aesthetic inspired by the digital communication I have maintained with everyone in my life so far. I came to FIT to have a truly unconventional experience at an unconventional university and learn what it takes to be a creative professional in the fashion industry.


INSTAGRAM : @amrutabeheradotcom

FIT, State University of New York

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