Anais Ramirez

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Anais RamirezPennsylvania

My favorite part of playing with my dolls when I was little was dressing them. Eventually I got to the point when I felt they didn’t have enough clothes for the parties they had to attend. So I got to making them new dresses. Of course this started off just being scraps of fabric stapled together. Once my mom felt comfortable with my ability to use a needle, my dolls had a new wardrobe. I design because it makes me happy. It’s such an expressive thing for people to dress themselves, so to be a part of that expression is exciting. I am in sportswear because I want to dress people for their everyday life. I would consider my aesthetic to be feminine, girly, simple, and occasionally edgy.

Instagram: @a_la_luna_y_de_regreso

FIT, State University of New York

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