Barbara Letizia

Barbara Letizia

New City, New York

When I was a young child, my mother would bring me to Fifth Avenue to see all the designer boutiques and large department stores. I was in awe of it all from a young age. I always had an interest in art and then began sewing around age five because I wanted to make my artistic creations wearable. My passion grew from there and I haven’t stopped sewing or designing since. I always wanted to be a fashion designer and never gave that career path a second thought. I design because I want to express my creative ability as well as a narrative I have created through my garments. I express my emotions and thoughts best through my designs. There is a story behind every garment and collection I create that makes it personal. The personal aspect of my designs is what inspires me the most. I am a nostalgic person but always like to keep looking forward, which can be seen through my designs. I always reference past themes while adding a contemporary appeal to my work. I try to create timeless and classy garments that can be worn today or 10 years from now. Part of my design aesthetic is to be resourceful and ethical, which is why I like to design garments that are very functional and won’t be discarded after the season is over. I chose the Sportswear specialization because I like to design full ensembles with pieces that can transition from day to night and can be versatile in a wardrobe.


Instagram: @bybarbaraletizia

FIT, State University of New York

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