Elijah Turner

Elijah TurnerGarland, Texas

My approach to design is a culmination of my life experiences and interests. I was born and raised in Garland, Texas, and as I was growing up I always felt like I was in the middle of nowhere, since the only things I only had to do were watch TV or do craft projects. When I first came to FIT, I felt so boring compared to everyone who came from different countries and interesting cities, but after being away from home for so long I’ve now come to appreciate my mundane childhood. When I design, I always think about specific aspects of my upbringing like watching old Hanna-Barbera cartoons or the shoddy way my family used to fix things around the house, and even though none of these experiences lend themselves to art or design, it’s always an interesting challenge to translate them into fashion.

Website: https://elijahturner7.wixsite.com/website

FIT, State University of New York

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