Eve Yang

FOF Graduates Collection

Eve YangAtlanta, Georgia

My passion started with a simple interest in colors. The more pieces I created, the more I developed a love for art. Art allows me to express myself in beautiful and intricate ways, visually revealing the deep and inner thoughts that define who I am. When I discovered my love for art, I started to delve into what type of artist I wanted to become. After searching and researching, I was mesmerized and intrigued by these incredible forms of wearable art. The main reason I love fashion is its ability to give a person self-expression and confidence. Fashion is a way to show who a person is without even having to say a word. It can also fortify a person’s confidence. I want women to be able to look at themselves in the mirror and see how beautiful they are by creating garments that flatter the body and structural pieces that make them feel strong.

Website: https://eveyang.wixsite.com

Instagram: @eveyangdesigns

FIT, State University of New York

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