Georgianna Wells

Georgianna WellsMemphis, Tennessee

I have a fine arts background and always knew I wanted to attend art school. I had a passion for many mediums, from drawing and painting to architecture and photography. However, I discovered fashion design to be this perfect medium that combined my visual passion for 2D illustration and 3D architectural construction with my love for interesting textiles and color. I have always been very in touch with my emotions, but FIT has been the place for me to ground all of those emotions and express them in a unique way through design. I believe we are stewards of the earth and should enjoy and experience creation, but also treat it with care and responsibility. As a designer I love to use recycled fabrics and textiles that tell a story and have a history. I am a hard-working designer and a smart-working designer, for who am I if I do not take care of what I am given?


FIT, State University of New York

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