Jasmine Kelly Rutherford

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Jasmine Kelly RutherfordBrooklyn, New York

From a young age, I always knew that I would be a designer. I would spend all of my time illustrating comic books with the main focus being the character’s clothing. I would always imagine everyday objects into these fantasy looks. I wanted to create garments that a superhero would wear! Things that were out of this world! As I get older my vision has changed. As a young African American woman, I noticed the lack of diversity and inclusion in fashion. I want to become a brand and image for young girls that look like me to aspire to. I want to create a space for minorities to create freely. I want to represent my parent’s country (Guyana), which has no famous designers. I also want to bring the fashion industry back to New York. I want to open my own atelier here so that all the fashion can be formed here. I chose the Sportswear specialization because I think that it doesn’t give you any limits within the curriculum and it allows for you to grow, change, and become the designer you are meant to be!


Instagram:   @Jasminekellyrutherford

FIT, State University of New York

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