Kayla Kemph

Springfield, New Jersey

I have always been very artistic but also highly eco-conscious. I’ve been low- to zero-waste in terms of lifestyle as well as a vegan for five years and a vegetarian for over a decade. The environmental impact of my personal life decisions is something I dedicate a lot of effort to. I have always been creative, however, as I have gotten older and realized how wasteful the fashion industry can be, I have felt a moral obligation to change the way people think regarding design in an effort to advocate a more circular approach. As a creative and a designer, but foremost as a human being who strives to make this planet a better place for generations to come, I aim for a world where we are all more conscious about our creative impacts. My moral obligations will always take first place to my aesthetic endeavors, but I truly believe they can live hand in hand if we all make an effort to be more responsible. My design journey is fueled by my desire to sustainably drive others around me, specifically young designers, to adopt similar mindsets. The aim is to achieve greatness in a morally sound process for the greater good of our planet and everything that resides here that allows us to do what we love so much—to create.

FIT, State University of New York

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